This stunning outdoor setting features Resene Dali, Java, Dauntless and Ziggurat pots and wooden slat table with Resene All Black on the fence. Styled by Claudia Kozub and photo Melanie Jenkins.

The HOMEmade crew did a great job adding pops of colour to the Nelson’s big barren deck with painted planter boxes breathing life and personality into the space.

Sarah Gregory, Colour Consultant at Resene says the garden is a great place to use colour, and some bright accent pots are a really simple way to add a point of difference and a bit of happiness – especially if you’re not a green thumb.

“Flowers and plants are your common source of colour in a garden, but these days more people are planting things like succulents which don’t have much colour, so splashing a little bit of colour on your planters can make your garden really stand out,” she says.

If you’re renting and don’t want to invest in planting directly into the garden, or if you’re time poor and want a low maintenance garden that is still colourful and interesting, or if you’re in a small apartment with limited space such as a balcony – a few coloured pots with some easy-care plants can be the way to go.  

This garden oasis features Resene Sorbus and Resene Grenadier.

Tips and tricks

Clean – Give your pots or planters a jolly good clean. This may mean getting the water blaster out or treating the planters for lichen or moss. Resene have a bunch of products to help with challenging surface preparation. Make sure you allow plenty of time for them to dry.

Prime – If you’re painting a wooden planter you can prime it with a quick-dry primer. To paint over a ceramic pot Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer will ensure the paint sticks, and for terracotta pots try the Resene Terracotta Sealer

“The primer and the prep is probably the most important thing for outside planters, because they’re just going to look tatty if you don’t do it properly,” says Sarah.

Forward planning is the key, unless it’s a super sunny day, you may not be able to get your cleaning, priming and painting complete in one day. Take your time to get the best results. 

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