This stunning kitchen by Nobbs Radford Architects is finished in Resene Quarter Rice Cake and Resene Armadillo.

Our style experts at Resene share the scoop on the hottest trends in kitchens this Spring and show you how to recreate the latest look in your own home.

Great greys – This season we’re seeing a huge number of grey, and greyed off-tones coming through. There is also a trend towards  greys with a hint of blue which draw on the weathered dusty blue shades that are perennial favourites, but greying them off.

Writing on the walls – People are really getting into interactive writing spaces in their kitchens and using finishings such as Resene Blackboard Paint or Resene Write-on Wall Paint to write funny messages for the family, handy to-do lists and help keep check on busy family life.

Surprise colour – We are seeing touches of colour where you might least expect it. Scullery and pantries are a clever way to add some colour that you can enjoy while you are using the kitchen but don’t have to look at all the time.

This ultra modern grey kitchen is finished in Resene Talisman, Resene Half Silver Chalice and Resene Bokara Grey.

Natural timbers  – Lighter, natural timbers are becoming popular and you can use a finish such as Resene Colorwood Whitewash to give a white washed subtle Scandi look while allowing the honesty of the woodgrain to show through.

Feature colours – These are not just limited to the walls. We’re seeing pops of colour on ceilings, cabinetry and also sections of colour that may run from ceiling to floor but only part of the wall, table legs in colour, the kitchen island, or the kitchen island end - it’s cleverly using a touch of colour to enliven a colour scheme without going overboard.

This kitchen by Yellow Cow Interiors is finished in Resene Quarter Fuscous Grey, Resene Half Ash and Resene Black White. Photo by Tristan Todd.

Three quick kitchen tips from the experts

  1. If you can’t afford a whole new kitchen, you can easily update your old one. Paint your existing cabinetry using Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer and Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel in your favourite Resene colours, then update your handles and voila! – a new look kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new one. You can even paint over the floor using Resene Walk-on to hide scuffs and and keep your kitchen looking fresh.
  2. Kitchens need special paint to withstand the moisture and wear and tear. The Resene SpaceCote Kitchen & Bathroom and Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom range are especially formulated to go the distance in these high traffic areas of the home - including laundries.
  3. Sick of having ceilings that you can’t clean because it damages the paint? Use Resene SpaceCote Flat instead. It’s a matte waterborne enamel that can be easily wiped clean without burnishing the surface.
This kitchen by Eucalyptus Design is finished in Resene Half Delta and Resene Half Duck Egg Blue. Photo by Becky Nunes.