Feeling inspired by the bold feature wall Melissa created in Sarah and Peter’s master bedroom? A feature wall can be an effective way to give a space that ‘something special’ so here are a few ideas of how to create your own...

Paint effects masterpiece

Create this easy DIY artwork straight onto your wall with a few Resene testpots and a roll of masking tape. Roughly paint the various colours onto the wall in a circular shape, then place a grid of masking tape on top. Paint the entire wall in a neutral colour – this one is Resene Quarter Spanish White. Remove the tape, and voila, your own artwork to wow your guests. The colours used for the wall art are; Resene Rumour Has It, Resene Desperado, Resene Dawn Chorus, Resene Popcorn and Resene Dusted Blue. The floor is painted in Resene Eighth Arrowtown, the front door is Resene Tussock, the vintage ladder is Resene Taupe Grey, the palm planter is Resene Fifty Shades, the urn vase by the door is Resene Hot Toddy and the tall vase under the art is Resene Quill Grey.

Cloudy lounge

Create this subtle ombre effect that looks like a cross between concrete and clouds – the perfect whimsical backdrop for a relaxing summer. The effect is achieved using a colourwash technique with Resene Half Raven, Resene Grey Chateau, Resene Double Concrete and Resene Half Concrete. Then dress the room by adding some bold accents in deep yellow and black. The tall vase and side table are painted in Resene All Black, the bowl is in Resene Aloha and the narrow vase is in Resene Celebrate. The plywood floor is finished with Resene Colorwood Whitewash.

Beachy bedroom

The cool beach and sea inspired paint effect on this wall gives this breezy bedroom a true holiday vibe. It’s easy to do and with a different palette of paint colours it could take on quite different styles – try dusty browns and golds for a desert feel, or swamp greens and teak browns for a tribal look. The background colour of this wall is Resene Breathless, the side table is in Resene Coast, the ribbed vase is in Resene Good As Gold, the tall vase is in Resene Dark Side and the floor is in Resene Sandbar.