Once you’ve given your home a jolly good Spring clean you may have a new outlook on your home and space. Not up for a major renovation or redecorate?  Here are some tips for a brand new space…for free.

Declutter – start here

Most people accumulate items, so it pays to regularly de-clutter your living space. This doesn’t just mean putting things away in a cupboard; it means getting rid of things that you don’t use! Things that are getting in the way, detracting from the room or are just collecting dust – get rid of them. Sell them or donate them so your once loved items can get a new lease of life in someone else’s home.

Eliminating clutter can make a previously cramped house feel positively huge and provide some extra income from selling unwanted items.


Change your space simply by moving the furniture and the accessories around. Anyone who has moved furniture and storage units around will know how easy it is to create new open spaces.

If you’re working on the living room, try not to arrange your room so the traffic runs directly through your conversation area otherwise you’ll find that your conversation is interrupted each time someone walks through.

Try swapping furniture and accessories between rooms to maximise space and storage.

And if you are moving the furniture you can also move the rug at the same time to suit the new layout. Rugs can also be a handy way to cover up unsightly stains on carpet without needing to replace the carpet. This works well if the stain is in the middle of an area where rugs would often be placed. Rugs are also a useful way to define spaces – such as conversation areas in your home in larger open plan areas.

If you have off-cuts of your carpet, consider taking them to a rug shop and getting the edges finished. They can then become useful mats for entry and exit points – particularly in ranch-slider areas leading to decks, saving your carpet from stains or covering up stains that might already be there. Also a great idea for a kitchen with a tiled or hard floor – standing on the hard floor can make your feet sore (and cold in winter). Adding a rug made out of your carpet will keep your feet warm and comfortable without clashing with your home.

Boom! You've got yourself a new room!