The HOMEmade crew did an awesome job transforming Ellen and Sophie’s back yard. Painting the back fence in Resene Half Baltic Sea completely changed the look of the garden and because of the darker paint colour the plants and garden features really popped. 

The beautiful Balinese inspired garden above uses Resene Wood Bark on the boardwalk and the fence below is painted in Resene Charcoal providing a stylish dark backdrop which makes the colours of the plants really stand out. 

Staining your deck and wooden furniture (or giving it a lick of paint) can do wonders for the entrance and entertaining areas of your house.  Use Resene Waterborne Woodsman for the fence and Resene Woodsman Decking Stain for the deck. If you’re keen on a dark colour, be aware that these can get quite hot in summer, and if you do decide to go darker, opt for a Resene CoolColour to help reflect more heat than the standard colour would.

The larger the area being decorated, the greater the impact, which is why paint can have such a striking effect because one can of paint can go a very long way! 

For more colour inspiration for your garden hit the Resene website