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    Martin Ashford: Summer Bay's Casanova

    A hero with a chequered past, Ash is a bit of a lovable rogue. In his 3 years on Home and Away, he’s had his fair share of relationship drama.

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    13 of Summer Bay's most troubled teens

    Home and Away newcomer Coco Astoni is having some issues settling in. But it’s nothing compared to what these kids have been through! Here’s a look back at some of Summer Bay’s trickiest teenage storylines.

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    7 reasons why Justin and Scarlett should just get together already

    They could be Home and Away’s new golden couple, if they’d both just get over themselves and admit it.

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    What we know about Summer Bay's new mystery man

    So there’s a mysterious new character on the scene in Summer Bay, and we’re keen to get to know him. There’s a slight issue though, he has no memory of who he is.

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