Spoiler alert! Here's what's coming up in Summer Bay.

Monday 22 October (6978)

Maggie discovers she has unexplained bruising. Jasmine finally reveals her feelings to Robbo. Brody is overwhelmed from the attention of his new menu.

Tuesday 23 October (6979)

Ryder stuns Leah by deciding not to sit his exams. Coco’s exams are threatened by an unexpected anxiety attack. Raffy is struck by a mystery illness. 

Wednesday 24 October (6980)

Raffy is diagnosed. Maggie’s cancer test results come back. John blames Ryder for Raffy’s medical crisis.

Thursday 25 October (6981)

Tension between Jasmine and Robbo forces Tori to interfere. Ryder’s guilt spikes as Raffy’s future is more uncertain than ever. Roo returns to Summer Bay earlier than expected.

Friday 26 October (6982)

An unstable Karen puts Dean in danger. Robbo makes a surprising confession to Jasmine. Ryder emotionally spirals out of control.


Monday 29 October (6983)

Willow and Colby help Dean with cyclone Karen. Colby comes clean to Chelsea about his past with Dean. Maggie’s first day back at work has Ben worried.

Tuesday 30 October (6984)

Leah and Ziggy’s attempt to help Brody backfires. The reality of being back at work hits Maggie hard. Will Colby get the answer he wants from Chelsea?    

Wednesday 31 October (6985)

Raffy is brought out of the coma with complications. Brody prepares Raffy’s favourite meal for Leah’s vlog. Maggie is lacking direction.

Thursday 1 November (6986)

Robbo struggles with juggling his commitments. Raffy comes to terms with her diagnosis. Maggie is searching for a new life-challenge, but will it include Ben? 

Friday 2 November (6987)

Dean finds a mysterious clue to his past. Robbo and Jasmine’s date goes awry when Tori gets news about the IVF. Justin and Willow struggle to get back in sync.