Spoiler alert! Here's what's coming up in Summer Bay.

Jasmine and Willow clash

Monday 25 June (6900)

Jasmine and Willow clash over her gambling. Despite suffering chemo side effects, Maggie finds a way to plan the wedding. Mason and Hunter get inspiration for Brody's buck's night. 

Tuesday 26 June (6901)

Willow is fired from the gym after stealing. Hunter and Mason are forced to abandon their elaborate bucks plan for Brody. 

Wednesday 27 June (6902)

Willow's gambling hits rock bottom. Colby receives a breakthrough on who's been targeting him.

Thursday 28 June (6903)

Colby discovers the phone planted in Willow's van. Ash considers an impromptu trip to Cyprus. Will Robbo successfully catch Ebony in a lie?

Friday 22 June

Home and Away takes a break this Friday because of schedule changes in Australia.