1. Roo Stewart (1988-present)

Roo might seem calm and wise now, but her teenage years were anything but.

Ruth Martha Stewart appeared in Home and Away’s first ever season, an unpopular character because of her cold, selfish demeanour.

Roo’s father Alf Stewart sent her away to boarding school, but that couldn’t keep her out of trouble. She returned to Summer Bay pregnant and alone.

The subject of Home and Away’s first teenage pregnancy storyline, Roo suffered a difficult labour without the support of the baby’s father.

Her marriage to Frank Morgan was built on a lie, and when it fell apart, Roo put her baby up for adoption. 

Hunter and Olivia comfort each other.

2. Olivia Fraser-Richards (1998-present)

Olivia was orphaned at a young age. Her father suffered a brain tumour, and her mother was killed in a car accident.

In 2005, Irene Roberts applied for custody of Olivia, since she had a close relationship with Olivia’s mother. However, Irene’s alcoholic past was against her, and she wasn’t successful.  Instead, Olivia disappeared to the UK with her uncle James.

A bit of a wild child, Olivia was unhappy in her British boarding school. She turned up on Irene’s doorstep ten years later.

Irene and Olivia grew close again, and Olivia opened up about her self-harming problem. She revealed that she’d been abused by one of James’ friends.

When Irene’s drinking problem reared its head again, Olivia copped the worst of it. But she helped Irene come out the other side.

Olivia befriended Summer Bay newcomer, Tabitha. It turned ugly when Tabitha became jealous of Olivia’s boyfriend, Hunter King. Tabitha’s malicious lies broke the couple up, and she tormented Olivia with cyber-bullying. 

Hunter and Olivia rekindled their relationship, but it’s been tested several times since. When Olivia fell pregnant, she aborted the baby, claiming her and Hunter weren’t ready. The emotional trauma affected her deeply though. 

3. Dani Sutherland (2000-2004)

When Dani arrived in the Bay with her family, she was immediately unhappy. A city girl at heart, she resented the slow pace and small town way of life.

Dani was drawn to the local bad boy Kane Phillips. When she changed her mind about her feeling for him, Kane wouldn’t take no for an answer. Dani became the victim of a sexual assault.

In a moment of anger, Dani hit Kane with her car and drove away. She was charged, and spent time in prison for attempted murder. 

After she was released, Dani was also the victim of a serial stalker. Felix Walters set out to terrify Dani after she criticised him in a university newspaper article. 

VJ in his Summer Bay High uniform.

4. VJ Patterson (2001-present)

VJ had a pretty rough ride from the start. His father Vinnie was arrested and sent to prison the day VJ was born.

His mother Leah was unlucky in love, so VJ grew up with a number of different father figures.

VJ’s life was in danger when he was kidnapped in 2009, and he was the victim of a group of bullies at school.

VJ developed a crush on Billie Ashford, and the pair became close despite their age difference. When Billie fell pregnant, VJ took on the role of father, even after discovering the baby wasn’t his.

After the baby was born, Billie was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She died shortly after, leaving VJ heartbroken and uncertain of his future. 

Fan favourite, Casey Braxton.

5. Casey Braxton (2011-2014)

Casey had a rough childhood, always being overshadowed by his older brothers, Darryl (Brax) and Heath.

Part of the “River Boys” gang, crime followed Casey wherever he went, despite being courageous and sensitive deep down.

After admitting to arson, Casey spent time in juvenile prison, an experience that made him a lot tougher.

When a car accident left him with a spinal injury, Casey thought he might never walk again.

Casey paid the ultimate price for his family’s life of crime though, when he was shot dead trying to rescue his half-brother Josh Barrett. 

6. Sasha Bezmel (2011-2015)

Sasha arrived in Summer Bay following the death of her mother. Despite what she wanted people to believe, she was young and vulnerable.

She quickly became trapped in an abusive relationship with Stu Henderson. It got so bad that Sasha ended up accidentally killing Stu in self-defence. She was charged with murder, but eventually proven innocent.

Sasha had a pregnancy scare with bad boy Casey Braxton,  and a secret relationship with Spencer Harrington. However, it was her break-up with Matt Page that saw her leave the Bay for good. 


Jett with his foster father, John.

7. Jett James (2012-2015)

Jett arrived on the scene as a moody, rebellious teenager. He was left to fend for himself after the death of his drug-addict mother.

He got into trouble when a crush on his babysitter, Indi, turned a little obsessive. Jett formulated a plan to get Indi alone, injuring her husband Romeo in the process.

Jett was fostered by John Palmer and his wife, Gina, until his biological father showed up and whisked him away.

He returned to Summer Bay, where the unexpected death of Gina brought Jett and John closer together.  

Jett was the best man and John and Marilyn’s wedding, and they decided to formally adopt him soon after. He left Summer Bay to pursue a career in the military, but still drops by from time to time. 

Maddy Osborne in hospital after her accident.

8. Maddy Osborne (2013-2016)

Maddy was a runaway who showed up in Summer Bay, sleeping on the street and stealing to get by. Eventually she was taken in by Roo Stewart.

Maddy thought she was pregnant, but found out later that her symptoms were actually caused by ovarian cancer. Frightened by the diagnosis, Maddy fled. Eventually she returned and beat the illness, but the fear of a relapse never really left her.

Following an explosion at the Caravan Park, Maddy had to have her arm amputated. Her life was in danger for the second time, when she contracted a serious infection.

Fully recovered, Maddy insisted that she didn’t want to be a hindrance to her loved ones. She departed Summer Bay to travel the world and live life to the fullest. 

Josh with long-term girlfriend, Evie.

9. Josh Barrett (2013-2016)

Josh grew up being misunderstood, tarnished by the criminal reputation of his older brother Andy. Expelled from a neighbouring school, Josh came to Summer Bay High looking for a clean slate.

Despite his best efforts, Josh couldn’t stay out of trouble.

A brotherly feud between the Braxtons and the Barretts escalated when Josh and Andy ran Casey’s car off the road.

They forgave the past though, and lived somewhat harmoniously in the Bay for a time.

Brax confessed to killing Josh’s father, but vowed to protect him out of guilt. When Josh’s mother shot at Brax seeking revenge, Josh took the bullet.

In 2014, Josh was assaulted by a gang of drug dealers, who mistook him for his brother, Andy. They kidnapped Josh and his girlfriend, Evie MacGuire, leaving them both frightened and shaken.

Josh also rescued Evie from another hostage situation, after things turned sour with her new boyfriend Tank. When Tank showed up again, Josh confronted him, but was knocked unconscious and feared brain-dead. Josh woke up from the coma, but he temporarily lost his eyesight.

When Josh discovered that Charlotte King was blackmailing Andy, he confronted her. She pulled a gun on him, but in the struggle, Josh accidentally shot her. Wanting to avoid a manslaughter charge, Josh fled Summer Bay.

Oscar's mugshot.

10. Oscar and Evelyn MacGuire (2013-2017)

Twin siblings Oscar and Evie were introduced as part of a cult storyline. Their uncle, Zac MacGuire, rescued them from the cult, even though Evie was reluctant to leave.

Their father, Ethan, was mentally unstable, and came looking for his children a few months later. He kidnapped Oscar and Evie, and locked them in a shipping container. They suffered from bad dehydration, but were otherwise unharmed.

Evie’s rollercoaster romance with Josh Barrett ended in heartbreak. Shortly after proposing to Evie, Josh left the Bay in an effort to protect her. Evie was left uncertain and in denial.

Oscar was involved in a hit and run accident, driving home an intoxicated Zac one night. Driving without a license, he thought he’d hit an animal, but it was actually Tamara Kinglsey. Riddled with guilt, and not willing to let Zac take the fall, Oscar confessed. He was formally charged, and the gossip caused him to have a panic attack.

When his relationship with Maddy Osborne ended, Oscar went for a late night swim to clear his head. He was swept out to sea, and appeared washed up on a beach months later.

Soon after, Oscar was tragcially killed in the Caravan Park explosion. Evie was distraught, the twins had always shared a special bond.

Matt on his wedding day.

11. Matt Page (2013-2017)

When Matt first arrived, he was irritable and withdrawn, even for a teenager. However, he soon opened up and became a much-loved resident of Summer Bay.

His teenage romance with Sasha Bezmel ended, when he refused to get in the way of her career. He loved her, but had to let her go, and Matt was a little lost as a result.

His behaviour became self-destructive. Matt drank heavily and had a run in with the law. He also had a dangerous affair with Charlotte King, whom he later found out was a teacher at Summer Bay High.

Matt also developed a deep love for Maddy Osborne, but she too left him behind.

The arrival of his troubled younger sister, Ellie, forced Matt to grow up quickly.

United by their misfortunes, Matt and Evie MacGuire became close. They had a shotgun wedding, and left the show together, heading to Vietnam for a new adventure.

Hunter visiting his mother at the hospital.

12. Hunter King (2015-current)

Hunter and his mother, Charlotte King, caused a stir when they arrived in Summer Bay.

Hunter believed Zac MacGuire was his birth father, and got jealous when he saw Zac around his new family. Hunter set fire to Leah Patterson-Baker’s  house, and injured Josh Barrett during a break-in.

Deep down he just wanted to be loved, but his presence caused a strain on Zac and Leah’s relationship. Eventually they came to accept him as part of the family though.

When his mother was murdered, Hunter struggled, not knowing who to blame. He also felt guilty about Charlotte’s crimes, which she'd committed to protect him.

Hunter started to question his paternity, and a DNA test revealed that Zac wasn’t actually his dad. Hunter felt lost again, lashing out at those closest to him, including Olivia.

When he managed to track down his biological father, Wally, Hunter was disappointed to learn that they didn’t have much in common.

Raffy, in Kat's safe hands.

13. Raffy Morisson (2016-current)

Raffy is the youngest of the Morgan siblings, although she didn’t know her true identity until recently.

When her older sister Hope was kidnapped, Raffy was taken in by Constable Kat Chapman.

Raffy found out later that Hope isn’t actually her sister, but her cousin, making the Morgans her half-siblings.

Upset and confused, Raffy planned to run away with Hope. However, Hope was arrested, leaving Raffy no choice but to return to Summer Bay. Phoebe and Kat took her in once more.

Raffy grew closer to her siblings Tori, Justin, Brody and Mason, and they all lived happily together for a time.

However, Brody’s dangerous drug addiction put Raffy in danger once more, so she went to live with John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers.