Who’s the striking new character, with a Kiwi accent, that recently showed up in Summer Bay? And where do I recognise her from? 

It’s our very own Tania Nolan, star of local drama favourites and Go Girls and This Is Not My Life. 

When we last saw her, Tania was playing the fiesty and determined Julia on TVNZ 2's Step Dave.

Now she's switched up her look, to join the cast of Aussie's favourite soap opera. 

Tania was living in Los Angeles when she got the call, so jetted over to Sydney for a screen test. She describes the whole thing as a “hectic experience.”

She had only a few days to prepare for her new role, before they began shooting. 

Tania joins the cast of Home and Away as Scarlet Snow, the mysterious bombshell who crosses paths with Brody Morgan.

Scarlet first appears when a drugged up Brody hijacks her car, in an effort to escape the police. He flees with her handbag, leaving her shaken.

The next day, a guilt-ridden Brody goes to Scarlet's house to return her stolen handbag. In self-defence, Scarlet knocks him out cold with a heavy vase. 

Brody comes to, discovering that Scarlet has tied him up, threatening to turn him in.

However, Scarlet takes pity on Brody, encouraging to him confide in his family about his drug problem. 

As Brody continues on his downward spiral, we suspect this won't be last we see of Scarlet (aka Tania).

Home and Away airs weeknights at 5.30pm on TVNZ 2, or stream it right here.