The mystery man arrives in Summer Bay.

He showed up in the Bay, scaring the bejesus out of Alf and Scarlett.

It seems he’s looking for answers, and it looks like he’ll be sticking around… 

Here's what we know so far:

1. Tori’s official diagnosis is that he’s probably suffering from PSA (post-stress amnesia). Hence the memory loss.

2. He has a head injury, and looks like he’s been through a pretty rough time.

3. His crimes include: assaulting Alf and nicking his knife, squatting in Scarlett’s boat at the Pier, and thieving from the Diner.

4. We don’t like to stereotype, but he looks like your typical Aussie “bad boy.” Ripped wife-beater singlet, short saved hair, lots of tattoos etc.

5. Although desperate and dangerous at first, now he just seems lonely and confused.

Tori treats the mystery man at the hospital.

6. He has a certain rogue-ish, homeless-man charm. Once he’s calmed down, he appears grateful and humble.

7. Alf feels sorry for the guy, forgiving the previous altercation. If he's okay with Alf, he's probably okay with us. 

8. He recognises Kat from somewhere, despite her claiming they’ve never met before. 

9. Sources tell us his name is Robbo, even though he doesn’t know that himself just yet.

10. Rumours are he’ll be somehow connected to the Astoni family. 

At the caravan park, looking for answers.

Where does he come from, and what does he want?

Will he recover his memory?

Does he have a history with Kat?

We’re interested to see how his story unfolds. 

Fun fact: The mystery man is played by Jake Ryan. You might also recognise Jake from TVNZ’s drama favourite, Wentworth. He played Bea Smith’s evil husband Harry, back in Season 1.

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