The River Boys arrive in Summer Bay.

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It’s been seven years since the River Boys first descended on the Bay. 

The Yabbie Creek gang had the community on edge, and trouble seemed to follow them wherever they went. 

However dubious at first, we opened our hearts to the lovable rogues.  Daryl Braxton and his family remain Home and Away fan favourites, even after their departure. 

But now, the boys are back. Although they’re not faces we recognise, there’s no mistaking the iconic “Blood and Sand” tattoos. 

Desperate for revenge, Ash calls on the gang to help him drag Robbo out of hiding (not realising that the fugitive is actually right under his nose).  

The River Boys arrive on the beach by the truckload, a convoy of yahooing hotheads. “What are they doing here?” Tori asks, to which Alf responds, “Nothing good…”

The boys cause a scene at Kat’s wake, acting like they own the place and upsetting the locals. 

Their presence causes a rift between Ash and Tori. She’s concerned about the way Ash is handling things, and doesn’t want him spiraling back into criminal activity. 

Mason gets himself into hot water with them too, when two of the boys cause trouble at the gym.

The River Boys new leader, Dean.

Alf and John try and drive them out of town, but without success.

There isn’t a lot the police can do either, much to the dismay of the community. Besides disturbing the peace, the River Boys technically aren't breaking the law...

Their leader is a mysterious character named Dean. He appears to have a romantic history with fellow newcomer, Willow

Despite his bad reputation, Dean is intriguing and surprisingly good-natured. He’s definitely one to watch.

So the question is, will we learn to love them again, or will the River Boys only bring trouble?

Stream the latest Home and Away episodes right here.