A career woman for most of her time in Summer Bay, Kat recently softened, falling in love and warming to the idea of starting a family. 

However, the man of her dreams turned out to be her downfall, and his criminal past put her in grave danger. 

Fleeing the law she once fought so hard to protect, Kat was the victim of a horrific car accident. 

Let's try and dry our eyes, and remember the good times. Here’s a look back at Kat’s time in the Bay.


Constable Kat Chapman (played by Pia Miller), arrived in Summer Bay back in 2015. She was called in from the city to investigate the Braxton family.

Mysterious, beautiful and resilient, Kat was eager to prove herself, wanting nothing more than to do her job and help people wherever she could. 

Since taking up residence in the Yabbie Creek Police Department, Kat almost met her end several times in the field. 

Trying to coax down a suicidal Billie Ashford, Kat found herself dangling helplessly over the edge of a cliff.

Soon after, she was shot when investigating a local drug dealer. Dr Nate Cooper and his colleagues at the hospital managed to save her just in time. 

Kat then became the target of villain Charlotte King, when she uncovered Charlotte’s murderous history. Charlotte spiked Kat’s drink, leading to a suspension for being drunk on the job. A second attempt saw Kat beaten and left for dead in her kitchen with the gas on. This time Martin Ashford came to her rescue.

Kat led the investigation when Charlotte was shot, until her ex-partner, Dylan Carter, arrived to work alongside her. 

It was later revealed that Carter had been abusive towards Kat in the past. He wanted to rekindle things with her, and she almost fell for his charms once more. When he was stood down, he continued to stalk Kat. 

Kat’s professionalism was threatened by her relationship with Ash. A criminal cover-up at his garage put her in a compromising position, and the guilt became too much. Kat resigned from the force, but the lack of direction made her suffer from panic attacks. 

Kat re-joined the force on probation, and before long she was promoted to Senior Constable.  


When Kat settled in Summer Bay her walls, ever so slowly, started to come down. 

Nate, eager to get over his failed marriage to Sophie Taylor, was attracted to Kat’s competitive and cheeky personality. 

Kat got involved with Nate despite her initial reservations, but insisted they kept things casual. 

She stood by him when Billie Ashford accused Nate of assault, and together they proved his innocence. 

However, Nate’s close bond with Ricky Sharpe put a strain on their relationship, and Kat found it difficult to trust him. 

Kat’s worst fears were confirmed when she learned Nate and Ricky had slept together. She was left confused and humiliated, unable to forgive him. 


The law enforcer and the bad boy, Kat and Ash shared an unlikely bond.

They avoided anything romantic, out of respect for Ash’s ex and Kat’s flatmate Phoebe. But soon their connection was too strong to ignore. 

Ash insisted that his criminal days were behind him, but his relationship with Kat took a blow when she discovered illegal dealings at Ash’s garage. 

A couple of months later, Kat put her feelings first, reuniting with Ash despite warnings from her senior sergeant to steer clear. 

When Ash’s sister Billie died, him and Kat became caregivers for her daughter, Luc. Kat found it difficult to engage with the baby, claiming she wasn’t ready for motherhood. She continuously chose work over her family, putting a strain on her personal life once more. 

Her lack of commitment eventually led to the breakdown of their relationship, but Kat and Ash remained close friends. 


When a mysterious newcomer arrived in Summer Bay, suffering from amnesia, Kat committed to helping him discover his identity. 

“Robbo” and Kat became close, and perhaps for the first time, the constable really thought she could have it all.  

In the months before her death, Kat discovered she was pregnant. However, the timing revealed the father to be Ash, rather than current boyfriend, Robbo. 

Robbo committed to Kat nevertheless, but it soon became clear that he had a dangerous backstory. Before the traumatic events that led to his memory loss, Robbo was an elusive assassin sent to eliminate her.

Despite Robbo being a changed man, Kat and those close to her were still in danger. Robbo's former partner Novak was sent to finish the job, but his attempts were thwarted. 

Kat was initially shocked by Robbo’s past-life, and hurt by his deceit, but still she couldn’t tear herself away. She suggested they flee the Bay and start a new life together.  But the runaway couple didn’t get far...

A fatal car accident marked the end of Kat’s days, killing her and her unborn child, leaving both Robbo and Ash (and us) devastated. 

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