Nate joined the Home and Away community back in 2013. Recently, he left to follow his dreams.
Here's a quick look back at his time in the Bay.

Nate first appeared whe nhe came to work at the local Northern Districts Hospital.
He made the change because he craved the adrenaline rush of the emergency room.
Dr Nate went on to become a respected resident, and a local hero.
He cared for the community through countless accidents and ailments. 

Nate also had a near-death experience himself.
Searching for missing teenager VJ, Nate fell down a ravine in the bush.
He was impaled by a tree branch, and left with a nasty stab wound.
It was touch and go for a while, but Nate made a full recovery.

When he wasn't at the hospital, Nate was a keen kayaker and motorcyclist.
He liked to keep fit and stay in shape.
This is perhaps why Nate was so popular with the ladies in Summer Bay.

Nate's estranged wife, Sophie, arrived in Summer Bay in 2014.
Nate gave her a second chance, and tried his best to reconcile their relationship.
However, Sophie's mental issues and controlling nature eventually became too much to bear. 

Sophie was always jealous of Nate's closeness with his colleague, Nurse Hannah Wilson.
Nate and Hannah did have a passionate fling. However, their affair was short-lived.
The pair decided that ultimately they valued their friendship more. 

Nate also dated local police officer, Kat Chapman.
Originally Kat didn't want to commit. But Nate, wanting to settle down, convinced her they should give things a proper go.

Nate and Kat's relationship was jeopardised when he was charged with assault.
The young and naive Billie Ashford developed a crush on the handsome Nate.
When he didn't return her affections, Billie became deranged. She physically attacked Nate, then accused him of rape.  

Kat stuck by Nate through the scandal, and eventually he was proved innocent.
However, Kat ended things not long after. She was jealous of Nate's relationship with Ricky Sharpe.
Nate shared a close bond with Ricky, but there always seemed to be something standing in their way.

In 2016, Nate and Ricky married.
Nate was blissfully happy. He loved Ricky’s son Casey like his own.
But before long, Ricky’s ex-partner Brax came back and whisked her away. Nate was left heartbroken.

More recently, Nate found happiness with fellow doctor Tori Morgan.
He discovered the truth about Tori's family history, and stuck by her when the townspeople became suspicious.
Nate and Tori bonded over their passion for medicine.

However, after a string of indecisions and complications, Nate felt like the spark between them had died. 
He decided to put his career before romance, and accepted a job as a Care Flight medic. 

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