Olivia and Hunter

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After a turbulent childhood, losing both her parents and being whisked away to London, Olivia returned as a regular character in 2015.

Shacking up with Irene, who had always looked out for her in the past,  the feisty and confident teenager settled back into life in Summer Bay.  

Since her return, Olivia’s on-again off-again relationship with Hunter King has been both turbulent and uplifting.  Their love survived a pregnancy, a termination, a stalker, and the lasting effects of Olivia’s unhappy past. 

This year, Olivia’s focus turned towards her budding fashion career. Hunter helped her set up a website, and after a slow start, Liv Designs took off. 

However, a fling with her manipulative boss led to the breakdown of her relationship, and Liv almost lost everything. Hunter couldn’t forgive her, and only recently they came to terms with their separate futures, agreeing to be friends. 

After designing her friend Ziggy’s wedding dress, Olivia was offered a job at a top bridal boutique in the city, and the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Although heartbroken to be leaving her home, Olivia leaves the Bay to chase her dreams. 

Irene, Leah, Jasmine and Marilyn organise a surprise leaving party, wearing clothing designed by Olivia as a tribute. 

Raechelle Banno as Olivia Fraser-Richards

Parting on good terms, Olivia says to Hunter in a tender moment: “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, and what we’ve been through. Promise me that you’ll go after what you want in life, because you deserve all the happiness you can get.” 

Irene is also sad to see Olivia go, a bittersweet event for the devoted foster mother. “I feel like I’m saying goodbye to my very own daughter, and I couldn’t be prouder,” she says.  

Actor Raechelle Banno reflects on her final scenes with sentimentality. “I have a huge connection to the work itself, to the people and to the routine of it all – so it was certainly bittersweet and emotional.”

Referring to the future, Banno is keen to keep working close to home. “We’ve got such a beautiful industry here, with such talented individuals, and I definitely want to be a part of that. 

Long-standing cast member Lynne McGranger (Irene) has a strong bond with Banno, just as their onscreen characters did.  Wishing her all the best whatever she chooses to do, McGranger says, “I love these memories, working with a beautiful actress and an amazing human being.”

Olivia will be missed! 

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