Justin and his daughter Ava are reunited.

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We breathed a sigh of relief this week, when Justin’s delightful daughter Ava was rescued from the clutches of her kidnappers.

However, we don’t think this will be the last we see of her captors. 

The Easton family are notoriously hated and feared in the Summer Bay area.

With a vendetta against Willow, they took Ava as punishment when they saw them getting close. 

So when the stubborn Willow insists on facing the Eastons alone, Dean and Justin won’t hear of it. 

The rescue attempt turns to disaster, when Boyd Easton clocks onto the fact that Willow has back-up.

With Ava safe in her father’s arms, Constable Colby and the other officers close in on Boyd. 

In his desperate attempt to flee, Boyd jumps in his car, mowing down everything in his path, including Dean who stands nearby. 

Trying to to protect Dean, Colby fires two shots at Boyd's moving vehicle, seriously wounding him.

Despite being rushed to hospital, Tori and the other doctors can’t save him in time, and Boyd Easton dies from significant blood loss. 

Ebony makes her first appearance.

Enter Ebony Easton…

Unnoticed by anybody at the hospital, Boyd’s sister Ebony has snuck in and overheard her brother’s fate…

Furious and distraught, Ebony’s mother Hazel swears revenge. “Anyone, and I mean anyone, who had anything to do with this… let’s burn them to the ground.”

“We will, I promise,” says Ebony. “Cross me, and you’ll see my dark side.”

We don’t know much about Ebony yet, but the international promo shows her poring over photos of the Morgans, Willow, Colby and Dean, commenting that she’ll “make every one of them pay.” 

It seems she’ll stop at nothing, and with Colby suspended from duty, nobody is safe.

Ebony is played by South African born actress Cariba Heine, who’s known for her role in H2O: Just Add Water.

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