With all the recent departures, it’s about time some new blood arrived in Summer Bay.
Our dreams might come true, with the recent arrival of the Astonis.

The Astonis are the first complete family unit since the Sutherlands way back in 2000, and it’s looking like they’ll be just as fun to watch!

New arrivals, the Astoni family.

Ben and Maggie Astoni, and their teenage daughters, Ziggy and Coco, get waylaid in Summer Bay on their way to visit family.

The girls are reluctant to stick around, eager to get back to their city friends.  

However, Ben and Maggie see a chance for adventure, and a potential lifestyle change.

Despite their best efforts, a series of car troubles leaves the family stranded.

Alf takes a liking to them, and puts them up at the Caravan Park. He says to Marilyn, “they’re a nice couple. Although I reckon those two girls might make life interesting.”

And if we know Mr. Stewart at all, we know he’s usually right!

So here’s what we know about the new family members... 

Ben Astoni (played by Rohan Nichol)

The patriarch of the family, Ben’s a classic Aussie bloke.

A bit of a handyman, he also loves the beach, and is always keen for a surf.

He’s laid back and cheeky, but tough when he needs to be.

Ben loves his family, and would do anything to protect his wife and daughters.

When his business in the city starts to struggle, he agrees that moving to a small town could just be the best thing for all of them. 

Maggie Astoni (played by Kestie Morassi)

Maggie ditched her wealthy family, when she fell for Ben, the local bad boy.

They're still happily married, and the couple make a great team.

She might look like any other suburban career mum, but Maggie has a certain edge.

She's keen to leave their city life behind, and make a fresh start.

A teacher by trade, there’s whispers that Maggie will become the new principal of Summer Bay High.

Ziggy Astoni (played by Sophie Dillman)

The eldest of the Astoni daughters, Ziggy’s a firecracker.

She’s feisty and passionate, and can be a bit of a rebel.

Ziggy might seem confident, but she’s actually a little lost. She’s always felt like the odd one out in the family.  

In the city, Ziggy gets into trouble with the police for stealing cars with her boyfriend.

It’s looking like her bad behaviour will only continue when she’s cooped up in Summer Bay.

Coco Astoni (played by Anna Cocquerel)

Coco is a lot more reserved than her sister, Ziggy.

She used to be bright and charming, but starting high school made her a bit withdrawn. Ziggy’s teasing only makes things worse for Coco.

Coco spends a lot of time online, and is quite addicted to social media.

We’re hoping that she finds a friend in Raffy, who’s also been a little lost since Ellie left. 

Like any family, the Astonis know how to rile each other up. But ultimately, they support each other no matter what.

It’s looking like they might be sticking around, so we’re excited to see what’s in store for them!

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