Home and Away's new arrival, Ryder Jackson.

There’s a new face in the Home and Away community and (as always), he arrived with a bang. 

WARNING: Spoilers below. Watch the latest Home and Away episodes right here

Ryder Jackson makes his debut this week, in a storyline that paints him as a bit of a troublemaker. 

Firstly, he breaks into the Surf Club a couple of times, then shamelessly tries to steal cash from Hunter and VJ

Hunter catches Ryder though, and marches him off to Alf Stewart for punishment.

Then Ryder drops a bomb... claiming that Alf is his grandfather. Everyone’s in shock, especially Alf, having no idea who Ryder is. 

We can now confirm that Ryder is the son of Quinn, Alf’s estranged daughter. 

Don’t remember Quinn? That’s okay, she hasn’t been on the show since the early 90s. Rumours are she’ll be making a comeback too though. 

Ryder is set to shake things up in Summer Bay, turning Alf’s world upside down. 

When he refuses to share the details of his mother’s whereabouts, Roo figures out that Ryder must be running away from something. She takes her newfound nephew under her wing, offering him a place to stay. 

There are also rumours that he’ll strike up a romance with fellow teenage newcomer, Coco Astoni

Ryder is played by 22-year-old Lukas Radovich, in his first major television role. 

Home and Away airs weeknights at 5.30pm on TVNZ 2, or stream the latest episodes right here.