Maybe he’s a bit of a player, but Ash always has the best intentions. And he’s impossible to dislike.

Every declaration of love feels genuine.

Here’s a rundown of Ash’s romantic endeavours. 

Denny giving in to Ash's charms.

Denny Miller

When Ash first arrived in Summer Bay, he bonded with Denny over a broken down car. He impressed her with his mechanic skills.

She was initially confused by her feelings though, because it wasn’t long after the death of her boyfriend, Casey Braxton.

Denny wanted to move on, and Ash seemed like the perfect solution. However, when he showed an interest, she lost her nerve and ran away.

Eventually, the pair started tentatively dating. However, Denny came to realise that she wasn’t ready for another relationship.

Denny was also spooked by Ash’s past, and his involvement with dangerous people like the River Boys gang.

When she discovered that Ash had lied about Brax’s death to protect his family, Denny struggled to forgive him. 

Ash and Phoebe getting close in his car.

Phoebe Nicholson

Ash and Phoebe had a rollercoaster romance, but there’s no denying they cared for each other deeply.

The pair grew close when Ash saved Phoebe from being assaulted by a dodgy music producer.

They had a brief fling when Phoebe separated from long-term boyfriend Kyle, and Phoebe fell pregnant.

Assuming the baby was his, Ash swore to stand by Phoebe and the baby.

However, it was later revealed that Kyle was the father. This caused a strain on their relationship, but they tried to work through it.

Phoebe suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage, and Ash was there to support her.

When Ash woke up hungover with a strange woman in his bed, he thought he’d cheated on Phoebe. Even though he hadn’t, Phoebe still felt that their relationship was broken.

They remained good friends even after their split, parting on good terms when Phoebe left town.

Ash chatting up Kat on the beach.

Kat Chapman    

The copper and the bad boy, Ash and Kat were an unlikely pair from the beginning.

In the early days, they had to keep their affair a secret, not wanting to hurt Phoebe’s feelings.

Ash protected Kat from her abusive ex-partner Dylan, and their love grew from there.

When Ash lost his sister Billie, he wanted full custody of his baby niece, Luc. However, Kat was reluctant to take on someone else’s child.

Kat often felt guilty for putting her career ahead of family life.

When strong and silent Robbo came to town, Kat couldn’t deny the attraction. She started to wonder if maybe her and Ash were just too different.  

Ash and Tori bonding over baby Luc.

Tori Morgan

There’s a new romance on the horizon for Ash now.

The mechanic and the surgeon, it seems like another unusual coupling. However, Ash and Dr. Tori Morgan have quite a bit in common.

Ash, always the hero, hunted down the thug that was threatening the Morgan family. He almost got himself killed in the process, making Tori and her brothers eternally grateful.

Through her failed relationship with Dr Nate Cooper, we learned that Tori's also quite maternal. This means that she genuinely cares about Luc, a connection that’s important to Ash.

Tori surprised herself recently by admitting that she had "a crush" on Ash. She never acted on it though, out of respect for Kat.

Ash ignored the signs for a long time too, insisting their bond was friendship and nothing more.

However, it’s looking like Ash and Tori might finally be able to follow their hearts.