James Stewart and Sarah Roberts on the Home and Away set.

As it turns out, their romance has spilled over into their personal lives as well.

Actors James Stewart (Justin) and Sarah Roberts (Willow) recently confirmed their relationship, after being snapped by paparazzi in Byron Bay. 

Sarah and James looked pretty smitten, walking hand in hand, in their own little bubble. 

Speculation about their connection had been circulating in the Home and Away community for several months.

Justin and Willow’s chemistry on-screen was obvious from the start, and now we know why! 

 Of their relationship, Sarah said “I’m really grateful, happy and excited for what we have. It’s a nice place to be in.” 

James posted a snap of the two of them together, with a loveheart emoji on his personal Instagram account. Cute! 

The pair have been dating since August last year, but were keen to keep things under wraps. 

“It’s hard sometimes, and a bit strange that people are so invested in your private life. But it comes with the job,” Sarah said. 

“We just wanted to keep things special between us. It’s been beautiful.”