They could be Home and Away’s new golden couple, if they’d both just get over themselves and admit it. 

Here's why we think Justin and Scarlett should be together. 

  1. They’re obviously attracted to each other.
    We’ve seen the way they make eyes at each other, when they think nobody else is looking.
    Don’t even get us started on that almost-kiss that they’re now conveniently ignoring.
  2. They genuinely care about each other.
    In a soap opera, this kind of deep connection is pretty rare.
    Scarlett understands Justin’s family dramas, she’s been directly involved, and still she stuck around.
  3. They deserve to be happy.
    They’ve both had their fair share of heartbreak. Scarlett left her old life behind, even though it was difficult.
    Justin poured his heart out to Phoebe, then she skipped country to follow her dreams, crushing Justin’s in the process. It’s time he moved on.
  4. They have a lot in common.
    They both have young children, whom they love very much. But playing happy families isn’t so simple for them. It could be though? Also they both like, um, boats and fishing and stuff.
  5. They have great bants.
    When they’re not arguing. When they let their guards downs, and have a laugh with each other, it’s great to watch.
    Exhibit A.... Justin: “You drive like a complete maniac.” Scarlett: “Only because you drive like a nana.” Burn.
  6. They hated each other at first.
    Classic giveaway. Hatred pretty much fuels passion, and therefore, love.
  7. Because they’d just be CUTE AF.
    Last but not least, they’d make a beautiful couple. Imagine their adorable babies, we can’t even. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.... 
Justin and Scarlett sharing an intimate moment.