Zac couldn’t hack it when his family fell apart, so he's left Summer Bay to join Evie and Matt in Vietnam. Let's take a look back at his time in the Bay.

Zac MacGuire first arrived in Summer Bay back in 2013, as the Education Officer at the local prison.

Strong, passionate and hardworking, Zac’s had his fair share of ups and downs.

Zac working as the local prison's Education Officer.

“He’s a stand-up guy, who’s had a bit of a shady past,” says actor Charlie Clausen who played Zac.

He’s had a lot of life experience, which means he’s not judgemental and can relate to almost anybody.


Before coming to the Bay, Zac spent time in prison.

His conviction cost him the love of his life, Natalie. Something he possibly never got over. 


When Natalie found out Zac was working at the prison, she asked him to look out for Casey Braxton.

Zac agreed, but things turned bad when Casey was assaulted in the prison kitchen.

Zac left the prison but became a regular in Summer Bay, taking a job teaching at the high school.


His career was jeopardised when one of his students, Holly Chapman developed an infatuation with him.

Hurt by his rejection, Holly got Zac into trouble with the school.  She claimed that he’d tried to initiate an inappropriate relationship. 

Zac was suspended, and the local newspaper jumped on the story.


Still desperate for Zac’s attention, Holly threatened to throw herself off a cliff.

Zac managed to talk her down though, and was allowed to return to work.

Zac rushing to rescue Holly from the cliff's edge.

In later years, Zac become principal of Summer Bay High.

He was popular among the students, for being understanding and fair. 

Zac counselling student and nephew, Oscar.

In 2017, Zac wrote a manuscript for a book, hoping to get it published.

His book editor, Samantha, wanted more than just his book though.

The pair developed a relationship that would later be the downfall of his marriage. 


In 2013, Zac’s sister-in-law, Hannah Wilson, arrived in Summer Bay.

She needed Zac’s help, to rescue their niece and nephew from the clutches of a cult.

They successfully saved the twins, Evelyn and Oscar, and the four of them lived together as a family unit for a time.


Hannah and Zac developed feelings for each other, but decided it would be better not to pursue it.

Zac struggled to let his feelings go though. As he watched Hannah move on with her life, Zac sunk into an alocoholic depression.

In time, their relationship evolved into a platonic partnership. 

When Hannah was killed in an explosion at the Caravan Park, the family mourned. 

Zac and Alf Stewart carrying Hannah's coffin.

In 2015, Zac’s ex Charlotte King turned up.

She had her teenage son Hunter in tow, who she claimed was Zac’s son.

Their relationship got off to a rocky start, and Hunter was not popular among the residents of Summer Bay.

Zac and Charlotte discussing Hunter's future.

It soon became clear that Hunter just needed guidance and affection, and him and Zac eventually learned to respect each other.

Zac was later arrested for the murder of Charlotte, when she was found shot dead near the beach.

He spent time in prison (again) for the crime, but was eventually declared innocent and released. 

Zac in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

It was revealed recently that Zac was not in fact Hunter’s biological father.

Though heartbroken at first, Zac came to terms with the fact.

The pair parted on good terms, promising to stay in touch.  

Hunter saying goodbye to Zac, the only father he's ever known.


Zac and his first love, Natalie, rekindled their youthful romance when Zac settled in Summer Bay.

However, family drama saw Natalie depart, leaving Zac for the second time.


The scandal with Holly at Summer Bay High saw Zac and Bianca Scott draw closer.

The principal at the time, Bianca stuck up for Zac, putting her own job at risk.

Zac and Bianca at Summer Bay High.

The couple’s romance came to nothing more than a one-night-stand.

Bianca realised she loved her fiancé, Heath Braxton, more.  


Soon after, Zac and Leah Paterson began dating in secret.

They kept their romance hidden, to protect Leah’s teenage son VJ. 

However, Matt Page caught them kissing and filmed it on his phone.

Their secret was out. 

Zac and Leah sharing a kiss.

Zac developed a bond with VJ over time, filling the role of father figure that was missing from his life.

He considered giving up on Leah though, when she suffered a head injury in a bus crash.

Told Leah may never wake from her coma, Zac struggled to come to terms with the reality.

When Leah did wake up, Zac was consumed by guilt.

Zac contemplating his future with Leah.

He proposed to Leah soon after, realising he didn’t want to be with anybody else. 

She originally turned him down. However, with some gentle encouragement from the Summer Bay residents, Leah changed her mind.

Zac proposing to Leah on the beach.

The pair were married in a beautiful ceremony, in the garden of the Summer Bay House.

Hunter and VJ stood by Zac's side as his groomsmen.

Charlotte tried her best to ruin their special day, but didn’t succeed. 

Zac and Leah at the altar on their wedding day.

When Zac developed a close friendship with his book editor, Samantha, Leah was suspicious.

She needn’t have been, at first, as Zac kept their relationship strictly professional.

However, family hardship saw Zac and Leah drift apart.

Unable to connect with Leah, Zac turned to Sam for comfort and ended up engaging in an affair. 

Zac and Sam meeting at a hotel in secret.

Leah was devastated when she found out, and something broke between them.

They tried to repair their marriage, but in the end Leah couldn’t forgive him.

Zac felt that with his wife and family life shattered, he had nothing to lose.

He packed his bags and went to join Evie and Matt, for a fresh start in Vietnam. 

Zac says goodbye to Summer Bay.

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