Phoebe Nicholson has left Summer Bay to follow her dreams and become a star! We’re sorry to see her go, but here’s a look back at her time on the show.

Phoebe (played by the beautiful Isabella Giovinazzo) first showed up in the 2013 season finale.

Arriving from Melbourne, the feisty young singer/songwriter took the small town by storm.

She came to Summer Bay in search of her ex-boyfriend (Kyle Braxton), after he left her broken-hearted. 

Bright, positive and caring, Phoebe stuck around and quickly became a favourite. 

“Phoebe’s a blast. She’s this blend of blunt, cool-cat, serious kid,” said Giovinazzo.

Phoebe always went after what she wanted, be it a love interest, a career opportunity, or an adventure.


Phoebe always dreamed of becoming a star. Her talent was obvious, and her passion contagious.

In 2014, she was offered a recording contract. Thinking her career was on the rise, Phoebe was sucked in.

It turned sour when she was tricked and assaulted at an industry event. She was rescued by Andy Barrett and Martin Ashford. 

Phoebe had another scare when a crazed fan starting stalking her.

Ryan Kelly entered her home, and refused to leave. Thankfully, he was scared off by the nearby John Palmer.

However, Ryan returned, this time kidnapping Phoebe and forcing her to sing for him. She fought her way free, and was eventually rescued by Kyle and the police. 

After everything she’d been through, Phoebe decided to put her music career on hold.

She accepted a job teaching music at the local high school.

Recently however, a visit from a friend reignited Phoebe’s interest in the industry.

An offer to tour the United States was too good to pass up. 



There was always a spark between Phoebe and Kyle, but the road wasn’t easy.

When Phoebe witnessed the Braxtons’ dark side, she was spooked.

But Phoebe brought out the best in Kyle, making him more open and passionate. 

Their relationship ended when Kyle declared his love and staged a public proposal. Phoebe, not ready to settle down, declined and fled the scene.

Phoebe and Ash (Martin Ashford) bonded over their carefree attitude.

They tried to ignore their attraction at first, but eventually decided to give it a go.

They were brought closer by their mutual concern for Ricky Sharpe, when she was going through a hard time. 

Phoebe fell pregnant, and a paternity test revealed that Kyle was the father. He wanted to reconcile things, but Phoebe turned him down.

She tried to assure Ash they would make it work, but they broke up instead.

Phoebe soon found out she was carrying twins, but one of them had died. The surviving twin suffered from a heart defect, and Phoebe miscarried before she reached full term. 

Giovinazzo described the pregnancy storyline as “tumultuous.”

Phoebe was deeply affected by everything she’d been through.

She grew a lot as a character, and the idea of starting family made her see things differently.

Phoebe and Ash gave it another go, but things ended when Ash thought he’d cheated on her. He hadn’t, but Phoebe was convinced that their relationship was broken anyway.

The couple remained good friends. 

When the mysterious Morgan family arrived in Summer Bay, Phoebe was intrigued.

What started out as a one night stand with Justin, evolved to become Phoebe’s most serious relationship. 

She stood by Justin when his dark past was revealed, and helped him to regain contact with his daughter.

Shortly after Phoebe moved in with the Morgans, Justin proposed.

After originally rejecting the idea, she agreed, and the couple couldn’t have been happier. 

Sadly, their dreams of a future were short-lived.

Justin refused to hold Phoebe back, insisting she take the gig in America.

Unable to part with his family, Justin was left behind as Phoebe left the Bay to follow her dreams.  

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