Tori and Ash at the hospital.

There were rumours that this year would see the death of a major Home and Away character.

However, nothing could prepare us for the emotional rollercoaster of events.

Spoiler alert! This article contains details from the Summer Season finale. Stream the latest episodes right here

Constable Kat Chapman had been in danger since early August, after getting involved with mysterious newcomer, Robbo. 

When Robbo’s past caught up with him, he was revealed to be a dangerous felon. He was arrested for his previous crimes, but Kat was blinded by love. 

Releasing him from his prison cell, Kat convinces Robbo to run away with her – despite her being pregnant with Martin Ashford’s child.

Ash catches on to Kat’s plans, but his attempts to stop them fail.

Robbo waits for Kat, not knowing she'll never come...

Discussing their future on the way to the safe house, Kat loses concentration and ploughs into another car. 

Robbo flees the scene at Kat’s insistence, while she lies in grave danger waiting for the ambulance.

She promises him they’ll be together soon… 

At the hospital, Dr. Tori Morgan is shocked by Kat’s arrival.

They do everything they can, but Kat has lost too much blood. Her and the unborn baby boy can’t be saved.

Shaken and heartbroken, Tori has to break the news to Ash. 

In the final moments, the residents of Summer Bay gather for a candlelit vigil.

Meanwhile, Ash swears revenge on Robbo, promising the lifeless Kat that he will make him pay… 

Home and Away returns to TVNZ 2 next month. Stream the final episodes right here.