We’re still reeling from the events of the 2017 finale, which saw Kat lose her life, Olivia reject Hunter, and Maggie collapse for unknown reasons. 

So what will happen when we return to Summer Bay?

The trailer drops a few hints, and we’ve gathered some top secret info from other sources across the ditch.

We can’t confirm anything 100%, but here’s our list of predictions for the year to come.

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.

Robbo is still in hiding after Kat's death.

1. Ash gets his revenge…

Losing Kat, and his unborn child, was the worst possible scenario for Ash.

(Having already said goodbye to his sister Billie, his niece Luc, and close friend Phoebe, it really hasn’t been his year). 

Blaming Robbo for the accident that cost him everything, Ash promised Kat he’d make him pay.

The trailer shows Ash walking away from a burning house, a determined look on his face. Then we see the enemies facing off on the edge of a cliff, which doesn’t bode well for either of them.

Jake Ryan (Robbo), was spotted on set just recently, which suggests he’ll be around for at least a few more months. 

But if we know Ash at all, we know he won’t rest until justice is served. 

The original River Boys - Kyle, Heath, Casey and Brax.

2. The River Boys return…

Just when we thought our favourite bad boys had faded into dust.  

Our hearts did a little backflip when we saw the iconic “BLOOD and SAND” tattoo, but it’s not a body we recognise.  

Will the newcomer be related to the Braxtons? And what criminal baggage will he bring to the Bay?

Tori can be heard asking “what are they doing here?” To which Alf replies “Nothing good, I can promise you that much…” 

A gang of bikers descends on Ash, but it’s hard to tell whether they’re friends or foes. He might have got into hot water with the gang, or he could be seeking their help to bring Robbo down.

 Either way, it’s not likely to end well. 

Jasmine at the scene of the accident.

3. The crash victim lives…

While Kat unfortunately couldn’t be saved after the accident, the driver of the other car appears to make a full recovery. 

The new character, Jasmine, is played by Aussie reality TV star Sam Frost.

She's seen integrating into the Summer Bay community, as she comes to terms with what happened. 

Sam Frost has been spotted filming several scenes with Ada Nicademou, which suggests she’ll strike up a friendship with Leah. 

Maggie and Ben renewed their wedding vows earlier this year.

4. Maggie has cancer…

She’s been feeling little under the weather, and complaining of a headache.

Moving down the beach for some fresh air in the finale, Maggie collapsed alone in the sand. 

Actress Kestie Morassi (Maggie), has been spotted on set wearing a headscarf, which could suggest cancer treatment. 

There’s also been whisperings of Dr Tori Morgan diagnosing someone with a form of lymphoma. 

It’s not looking good for Summer Bay’s newest mother.  

Brody giving Ziggy a secret gift.

5. Brody and Ziggy get married…

The road to happiness hasn’t been easy for Brodes and Ziggy, so we for one are hoping this is true.

The pair recently went public, after Brody kicked his addiction and got his life back on track.

Ziggy saw the light and chose Brody over her ex, and her dad finally gave them his blessing too. 

Sophie Dillman (Ziggy) has been snapped in what could only be a wedding dress, while Jackson Heywood (Brody) stands nearby in a grey tuxedo. 

Sounds like wedding bells for sure! 

Hunter after Olivia rejected his proposal.

6. Hunter and Jennifer get closer…

Before Hunter proposed to Olivia, schoolgirl Jennifer helped him calm his nerves.

The pair struck up an unlikely friendship as a result, and one promo suggests they get kissing-close in the near future. 

We’re still mourning the future we thought Hunter and Olivia would have, but we want nothing but happiness for the Bay’s bad-boy-gone-good. 

Scott Lee (Hunter) announced last year that he’d be leaving the cast, so whether Jennifer’s part of his exit storyline or not, we aren’t sure.

(Of course we’re still hoping that he’ll just change his mind and stick around). 

Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart.

7. A gas explosion rocks the Bay…

Alf Stewart buried in a pile of rubble, the high school going up in flames, we can’t cope!

A car is seen crashing into some roadworks, which causes a spark and ignites a nearby gas pipe. The extent of the damage is anybody’s guess.

Ray Meagher (Alf) has been seen clutching his heart, and falling through the floor of the Bait Shop. 

There’s only so much trauma the grandfather of Summer Bay can endure. 

If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that there’s never a dull moment on Home and Away

The show returns with new episodes, Monday 5 February on TVNZ 2 and OnDemand. 

Watch the latest promo below.