Played by Lynne McGranger

Irene is your classic Aussie battler. Down to earth and with a wry sense of humour, she's always good for a yarn and a laugh.

It doesn't matter who you are, young or old, Irene's door is always open to you.

Irene came to Summer Bay to make up with her kids. They'd been taken away from Irene because she was an alcoholic and couldn't look after them properly. Having her kids taken away was the wake-up call Irene needed to beat her addiction.

With her alcoholism behind her, Irene has made Summer Bay her home. 

Irene fell into caring for kids by accident. Because she's easy-going and doesn't judge people, kids could talk to her. The next thing she knew Irene had a house full of them. Lucky for them, Irene wouldn't have it any other way.

Helping kids in need has given her a second chance at being a mum, and the opportunity to make up for all the mistakes she's made.