Played by Ray Meagher

He's from the town's oldest family. Like his father and grandfather before him, Alf was born and bred in Summer Bay!

Quite the local businessman, Alf's got his finger in a number of Summer Bay's prized pies such as Noah's Bar, The Blaxland (his boat) and was an owner of the Diner. He was also in charge of the Summer Bay Life Saving team and is still an active member of the voluntary rescue service.

Alf's the kind of guy you don't want to upset. If you get on the wrong side of him, you're in for a rough time. He has a bit of a temper, but deep down, Alf's a big softie and his bark is far worse than his bite.

He'll always lend a hand when help is needed, just be ready for his grumbling! So long as you're not offended by the words FLAMIN' or HECK you'll be fine.