Plays Jasmine Delany

Sam made her TV debut as the winner The Bachelor Australia in 2014.

Then she was The Bachelorette the following year, for which she earned the name "Australia's Sweetheart."

She went on to host a radio show alongside Rove McManus in 2016, before returning to television for Hell's Kitchen in 2017. 

Sam completed a degree in Community Welfare at Swinburne University, before changing her direction and working as a Business manager at BMW.

A natural in front of the cameras, Sam has no trouble relating to her character, Jasmine. “I think my character is me, when I was in my early twenties. She’s very naive and she sees the best in everyone.She unintentionally gets herself into compromising positions, but she has a heart of gold.”

Sam’s first day on set was one to remember, filming a stunt car crash throughout the night in freezing temperatures.“It was late, cold and rainy, but I just couldn’t believe that I was on the Home and Away set.I just felt so blessed to be there; it was a real ‘pinch me’ moment.”

Coming from a big, tight-knit family, Sam is at ease on set with the cast and crew. They've become her second family. 

When Sam got the role the first person she called was her sister. “We were both squealing. My sister started crying. She knew how much hard work and effort I’d put into my auditions. She was so excited and proud of me.”

In her spare time, 29-year-old Sam studies psychology, and is thinking of doing an online degree.

She also enjoys playing tennis, seeing comedy shows, and is known to be a ‘social butterfly’ among friends.