Plays Dean Thompson

Patrick, more commonly known as ‘Paddy’ was born in Melbourne and moved to Brisbane at the age of eight.

Despite studying music throughout high school, in year twelve  he realised he enjoyed performing on stage.

He studied Applied Theatre at university before commencing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) at the Queensland University of Technology.

After graduating in 2014 he moved to Sydney and has since had roles in several short films as well as a web series on YouTube.

Working as an assistant behind the camera at a photographic studio gave Patrick an immense appreciation of work the crew do behind the scenes. 

His character Dean is a bit of bad-boy, which is a dream come true for Patrick. “The role of a River Boy is appealing to me because of the rebellious nature of the character. As a teenager I’d always wanted to test the boundaries. The backstory of the River Boys is iconic too, it’s an honour to be a part of that.” 

In his spare time, the 25-year-old loves snowboarding, skateboarding and travelling. He plays AFL and is a passionate Hawthorn supporter.