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  • Matt Little

    After completing high school in 2010, Matt enrolled at the University of Technology studying a Bachelor of Business. However, 18 months into his degree Matt decided he wanted to explore acting as a career and deferred his studies.

    After several small television appearances, Matt landed the role of VJ on Home and Away. When he found out he got the role of VJ, Matt recalls:

    "Things hit the fan! I went well mental, but in the coolest way possible. I did a little groove dance, took a deep breath, got back on the phone to my agent and said, "Yeah that's awesome.

    On his character VJ, Matt explains:

    "VJ is incredibly honest. It takes him a while to trust someone, but when he does he expects honesty and respect from them. He has strong values and principles instilled in him by his mum, who is the most important person in his life."

    Despite being the brother-in-law to Dan Ewing who played Heath Braxton for three years, Matt recalls how nervous he was on his first day on set.

    "I stood there with a big dumb smile on my face thinking, 'I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Let's hope no-one notices until I can figure it out!"

    Outside of acting, Matt loves to cook, play basketball and is a sci-fi movie buff.