Plays Maggie Astoni

Kestie always loved drama, but never thought she'd make a career out of it. 

Originally, she dreamed of being an astronaut, but soon discovered that her talents were better suited to the Arts. 

Kestie had guest roles in Neighbours, Crash Zone and The Saddle Club

She was also the face of several advertising campaigns. 

More recently, Kestie's had recurring roles in Dirty Deeds, Underbelly, Offspring and The Secret Life of Us

She was named Best Actress at the Monte Carlo Television Awards, for her role in Satisfaction

Kestie has also appeared in eight feature films, including Thunderstruck with Sam Worthington, Strange Bedfellows and The Wedding Party

She was nominated for an AFI Award, for Best Supporting Actress in Wolf Creek

Outside of acting, Kestie writes music and comedy. She also paints and plays guitar, though insists she's terrible at both.