Former Home and Away cast member, Steve Peacocke

1. Ray Meagher has been on the Home and Away set every single workday since 1988. 

2. The original concept of the show was simple – one family, looking for a change, move to a small coastal community with their foster kids in tow. Now look how far it’s come! 

3. Leah’s been married a total of three times on the show. Behind the scenes they call her “The Black Widow” because you NEVER want to be cast as her lover, it won’t end well for you. 

4. Sam Frost is low-key hoping her character Jasmine will get pregnant. She reckons that would be a fun storyline to play, especially if she didn’t know who the father was… 

5. Judie Nunn was really annoyed by her character Ailsa’s exit, but she went quietly because she didn’t want to make waves at the time. 

6. The senior cast were strongly against the arrival of the River Boys, thinking it wasn’t fitting with the tone of the show. They came around when the storylines proved to be insanely popular.

7. Kate Ritchie had to have therapy after she left the show. She suffered something of an identity crisis, having grown up with her character, Sally.

8. Sally’s exit still brings a tear to Ray Meagher’s eye. 

9. Life on the Home and Away set starts around 6am every day. The actors head straight to hair and make-up, then they're usually in front of the camera by 7am.

Long-standing cast member, Emily Symons

10. The cast once tried to appeal for more clothing for their characters, because they were cold on set. Their request was met with a firm “NO. It’s always Summer in Summer Bay.” 

11. Nicolle Dickson (Bobby) went back to school after leaving Home and Away, now she’s an accountant. Her onscreen husband Alex Papps (Frank) has a recurring role on Playskool

12. Judy Nunn is now a bestselling novel author. 

13. Dieter Brummer (Shane) is now a professional abseiler and cilmbing rope technician. His mum kept every single one of his fan letters though.  

14. Leighton Hewitt, Australian tennis ace and real-life husband of Bec Hewitt (Hayley), once made an onscreen cameo. 

15. Danii Minogue has been approached several times about coming back to Home and Away. She admits it’s always tempting, and very possible. 

16. “Brax” became one of Australia’s top 4 baby names in 2012. 

17. More than 100 characters have been killed onscreen. 

18. Home and Away is the most awarded drama in Australian television history. 

19. The soap opera airs in 140 countries. 

20. All the cast agree on one thing… nobody would ever want to live in Summer Bay, it’s too flamin’ dangerous. 

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