Kate Ritchie

To celebrate, they’ve reunited some of your favourite cast members from the past and present, in the one-off Endless Summer special

Expect surprises, tears, and a whole lot of nostalgia - Summer Bay might never be the same again. 

Here’s who you can look forward to seeing in the upcoming special. 

Kate Ritchie – Sally (1988-2008)

Ritchie joined the cast way back when Home and Away premiered in 1988. Starting when she was just 8 years old, Ritchie grew up on the show. It's very close to her heart, and she says Sally’s departure was one of the hardest days of her life. 

Judie Nunn – Ailsa (1988-2000)

Also there from Day 1, Nunn played Alf Stewart’s first wife, Ailsa. In 2000, Ailsa shocked fans when she died of a heart attack.

Alex Papps and Nicolle Dickson – Frank and Bobby (1988-1993)

Summer Bay’s first real romance, Frank and Bobby’s young love captivated the world. Bobby was one of the most popular characters, until she was tragically killed in a boating accident. 

Melissa George – Angel (1993-1996)

Now an international star, George was only 15 years old when she started on Home and Away. With no acting experience, she was starstruck on her first day. She went on to win a Logie for Best New Talent. 

Debra Lawrance – Pippa (1990-1998)

Pippa was Home and Away’s unofficial mother. Her onscreen husband, Michael (Dennis Coard) became her husband in real life, even though the couple disliked each other at first. 

Dieter Brummer

Dieter Brummer – Shane (1992-1996)

Shane and Angel were Home and Away’s darling couple in the early 90s. Brummer was a heartthrob back then, and was voted Australia’s Sexiest Man in 1992. The nation mourned when Shane died suddenly of a bacterial infection. 

Danii Minogue – Emma (1989-90)

Minogue played Home and Away’s first “bad girl” Emma Jackson. There's a rumour circulating that Emma will return to the Bay. Watch this space!

Bec Hewitt – Hayley (1998-2005)

Hayley had arguably the most dramatic character arc Home and Away has ever seen. She was in a boat accident and a plane crash, she almost fell off a cliff, and her husband was shot dead.

Steve Peacocke – Brax (2011-2016)

Fan favourite Daryl “Brax” Braxton was your typical bad-boy-gone-good. His arrival introduced the River Boys, who continue to infiltrate the storylines even years after Brax's departure. 

Get up close and personal with all the stars, in this Sunday’s Home and Away 30th Anniversary Special