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Weeknights at 5.30pm on TVNZ 2
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      • 13 days left to view

      G What is Zannis going to do to Ash? Will Ash make it out alive? Does Marilyn really want to have a baby?

      • 12 days left to view

      G Hunter struggles to fully connect with his real dad, and John and Marilyn receive some bad news about fostering, but John has another idea.

      • 11 days left to view

      G Today on Home and Away; will Ash and Kat make amends after she accuses him of cheating on her with Tori?

      • 10 days left to view

      G Maggie asks Ben to reconsider the renovation plans after bonding with Leah, Irene and Marilyn; Scarlett discovers the reason behind Justin's rejection; Kat is jealous of Tori.

      • 6 days left to view

      G Brody objects to selling Salt but eventually comes around and does the right thing by his family. The mystery man in the bay has amnesia, will he remember who he is?

      • 5 days left to view

      G Tori suggests they sell Salt to pay for Brody's rehab. Brody and Ziggy get their friendship back on track. Alf faces off with his mystery attacker.

      • 4 days left to view

      G Is Wally Hunter's father? Will he take the DNA test? Who is the mystery man and what does he want? Will Marilyn and John's attempts to become foster parents be successful?

      • 3 days left to view

      G What's going on with Coco? Is Wally lying to Hunter? Does this spell the end of Coco and VJ's friendship?

      • 18 hours left to view

      G Will Mason make a recovery? Are Ziggy and Brody truly over? And is a new romance about to blossom between VJ and Coco's?

      G Who is the stranger in the bay and what does he want? Will Kat and Ash really be able to work through their issues. Are Mason and Brody going to survive?

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