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Weeknights at 5.30pm on TVNZ 2
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      • 12 days left to view

      G Tori struggles with her feelings for Ash while Ash and Kat try to mend their relationship. When an opportunity presents itself, Maggie tries to convince Ben that they should move to Summer Bay.

      • 11 days left to view

      G Tori and Ash grow closer, Hunter makes amends with Olivia and his grandmother. Scarlett opens up to Justin about her son.

      • 10 days left to view

      G Hunter comes clean to Irene about his involvement in the robbery of the diner. Irene and Marilyn try to cheer Kat up after her breakup with Ash. Has Scarlett's past finally caught up with her?

      • 9 days left to view

      G Roo seeks purpose and meaning in her life. Hunter's reunion with his grandmother brings up secrets from the past.

      • 8 days left to view

      G Hunter receives a surprise visitor. Alf's glad to have Roo home, but it's clear there's something bothering her. Will Scarlett leave the Bay after slapping Justin?

      • 5 days left to view

      G Scarlett's furious when Justin makes unfounded accusations about her past. Kat frets about the break up. Justin accuses Tori of harbouring a crush. Leah offers her support to single dad Ash.

      • 4 days left to view

      G Have lonely Coco and Raffy found a friend in one another? Could Ziggy be a positive influence on Brody? Kat and Ash struggle to make their relationship work.

      • 3 days left to view

      G Ben and Justin get off to a rocky start.The Astoni women pose a challenge for John's new lease on life. Maggie falls in the love with the Farm House. Will Brody cave in to his hallucinations?

      • 2 days left to view

      G Hunter is torn as he decides whether or not to look for his biological father. When Justin comes clean to Scarlett about his feelings she insists she isn't interested.

      • 1 day left to view

      G John reads his father's letter and uncovers the real reason for his suicide. Mason and Hunter butt heads when they are forced to work together. Scarlett is forced to face emotions from her past.

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