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Hollyoaks, Season 2017, Episode 4543, Wed 8 Mar 2017 05:00 PM, Hollyoaks
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  • Hollyoaks Episodes

      • Friday 23 Jun

      PGR Grace confides in Frankie and Jack that she's worried about Esther, and Kim panics when Grace steals her flat keys. Tegan is trying to win over Liam, but his eye wanders to Courtney.

      • Thursday 22 Jun

      PGR Kim is trying to keep Grace away from Esther, but Grace is beginning to worry. Darren's money troubles get worse and he panics when Nancy suggests they should go quad biking.

      • Wednesday 21 Jun

      PGR Darcy persuades Adam to take her out as a thank you for helping at the salon. Adam has to make an important decision. Liam teams up with Kim, while Myra continues to manipulate Sally.

      • Tuesday 20 Jun

      PGR Maxine keeps important information from Adam, assuming he's chosen Darcy over her, while Leela's stalker pulls the next stunt.

      • Monday 19 Jun

      PGR Myra is still blaming Sally for John Paul's departure. Neeta suggests that Sally try online dating. Leela is stuck in a love triangle, while Maxine discovers something about Darcy.

      • Friday 16 Jun

      PGR Leah and Lucas run away from the Lomax's. Leela and Zack team up to find them, and Leela is impressed with Zack's approach to handling the situation.

      • Thursday 15 Jun

      PGR James has been locked out of his flat all night after Mercedes stole his keys. Scott wakes up next to Mercedes after a sleepover, overjoyed as their devious plan starts to come together.

      • Wednesday 14 Jun

      PGR Diane and Tony are disturbed by a noise downstairs and think they're being burgled. Ryan confides in Mike about his and Amy's future.

      • Tuesday 13 Jun

      PGR Alone with Ste, Leah and Lucas, Amy is still torn about the thought of moving. And Mercedes and Scott are up to no good when they steal the keys for James's flat.

      • Monday 12 Jun

      PGR It's Amy and Ryan's wedding, but Ryan has also got their potential move to America playing on his mind - could this affect the big day? And Scott is having a fashion crisis.

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