Hollyoaks, Season 2017, Episode 4543, Wed 8 Mar 2017 05:00 PM, Hollyoaks
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  • Hollyoaks Episodes

      • Tuesday 23 May

      PGR Harry makes sacrifices for Ste, while Mercedes and Sally are onto Diego. Could he be found out? Warren threatens Goldie, who has a sneaky suspicion about Cleo.

      • Monday 22 May

      PGR Harry organises a party but it doesn't go as planned. James asks John Paul for commitment, Nancy tells her children about her MS, and Ste offers a helping hand to Amy.

      • Friday 19 May

      PGR Charlie gives Nancy the cold shoulder. Tegan and Courtney encourage Leela to face her fears and go with them on a night out, but Leela receives a worrying message.

      • Thursday 18 May

      PGR Leela is horrified when she receives a threatening note in the post. Adam urges Jesse to help him track down Grace. And Nancy faces a tricky problem.

      • Wednesday 17 May

      PGR Grace begs Neeta to bring Curtis to her, but a mix-up with Leela and Jesse causes a bigger problem. Peri's emotions get the better of her and she steals from The Emporium.

      • Tuesday 16 May

      PGR Tabby and Alfie bond over their loved one's passing, while Marnie is in self-destruct mode. Esther gets trapped, and Neeta is thrown by a phone call from Grace.

      • Monday 15 May

      PGR The grieving Nightingales prepare for a funeral, and Tabby arrives to support her family. Frankie breaks a secret to Esther, and Neeta lies to Sally about being ill.

      • Friday 12 May

      PGR Warren calls Prince wanting to know where Shane is, while Neeta helps Sally to get ready for some speed dating.

      • Thursday 11 May

      PGR Joel is stunned when he witnesses Sienna's abduction. Shane is planning a surprise holiday for himself, Goldie and the boys, but will he pull through or let them down again?

      • Wednesday 10 May

      PGR Sienna is suspicious when she sees Joel handing over a bag of cash to Shane. Warren is onto Shane, and Mac is concerned that Marnie could discover his affair.

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