Hollyoaks, Season 2017, Episode 4543, Wed 8 Mar 2017 05:00 PM, Hollyoaks
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  • Hollyoaks Episodes

      • Friday 28 Apr

      PGR Nana and Bart McQueen return to the village, where Nathan makes an announcement. Myra thinks she's going into labour, while Holly hears Nick being disrespectful about her.

      • Thursday 27 Apr

      PGR Tony notices something is troubling Diane, while Cindy and Marnie prepare for Hilton's birthday party. Holly is heartbroken when she sees Alfie crying in his room after speaking to Jade.

      • Wednesday 26 Apr

      PGR Lisa is still worried that she and Mac are going to get caught for past mistakes, but Mac tries to reassure her. Meanwhile, Jack goes to court.

      • Tuesday 25 Apr

      PGR John Paul finds Lily looking at a website that worries him so he goes to speak to Diane. Lily gets a shock and Jack begs Frankie for some affection.

      • Monday 24 Apr

      PGR Diane makes sacrifices for Lily, but is there someone else in her life? Nancy is struggling, while Jack asks Mac for some shifts to take his mind off things.

      • Friday 21 Apr

      PGR Darren worries when Nancy and Courtney go head-to-head. Liam is determined to get revenge while Tom discovers something in Esther and Kim's flat.

      • Thursday 20 Apr

      PGR Grace's emotions put her off a scheme, but could that all change? Nancy prepares to tell people about her illness, but something stops her in her tracks.

      • Wednesday 19 Apr

      PGR Kim plans a surprise for Esther, but Esther is confused by a note she finds. And Kim doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for.

      • Tuesday 18 Apr

      PGR Prince is searching for relationship advice but what he finds brings back bad memories for Goldie. Harry is preparing a surprise for Ste, while Grace tells Esther her true feelings.

      • Monday 17 Apr

      PGR Liam is taken back by an emotional Grace, while Esther explodes with anger over an upcoming change. Ste and Harry are worried about Amy, and Ryan has a new idea in mind.

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