Two Troopers with a young fan

When people think of cosplay and costuming the word ‘geeky’ inevitably comes up. 

But the 501st UK Garrison Star Wars costuming club is here to prove this misconception wrong.

Started in 2000 by Graham Campbell, the club at first had only four members. But word got out and it now has more than 500 ‘Troopers’, all obsessed with the characters and costumes of the films.

The members of the 501st UK Garrison are dedicated to creating costumes that are as close to the films as possible, with the Storm Trooper costume a firm favourite to wear.

They attend commercial events, weddings and film premieres in full Star Wars regalia - there’s a Darth Vader, a Darth Maul and a Chewbacca ready to go for any occasion.

But what the Troopers really love to do is attend charity events and raise money for worthy causes. 

They also visit schools and hospitals free of charge and say the best part of it all is putting a smile on kids’ faces.

The hardest part is attending funerals for young fans who have lost their battles with illness. 

At times heart-breaking, but ultimately uplifting, Heroes of the Empire will change the way you think about costuming and one of the most dedicated fandoms in the world.

The Force is strong with these ones.

Heroes of the Empire is available to stream right now!