Marco Pierre White in Hell's Kitchen Australia

1. He threatened Matt Preston

Marco no longer appears on MasterChef Australia and here’s why... After Matt Preston made a comment about Marco’s son in a radio interview in Australia, Marco left the show and said in an interview, “With my hand on my mother’s grave, I will get that man”.

2. He has no time for complaints

In journalist Bill Buford’s book Heat, he described an incident at Marco’s restaurant, Harvey’s, in London where the chef sliced open the back of a younger chef’s jacket and pants with a paring knife after he complained about the heat in the kitchen. 

3. He made Gordon Ramsay cry

The two famous chefs are now more enemies than friends, but many years ago Gordon trained under Marco at Harvey’s. In an interview, Marco recalled Gordon ‘losing it’ after he yelled at him. “The next thing I knew he was sobbing in the corner,” Marco said. Gordon has since said he left the restaurant because of Marco’s “bullying”.

4. He was known for throwing customers out of his restaurants

Marco had no patience for unruly customers and would regularly kick them out of his restaurants. “I was trying to create something special and they were trying to spoil it,” he told The Guardian. 

5. He gave his Michelin stars back

Marco was the youngest chef in the world and the first British chef to earn three Michelin stars. But he gave them back in 1999 when he retired from the kitchen. “I gave Michelin inspectors too much respect,” he said after. He has since worked as a restaurateur but not as a chef.

Marco Pierre White is famous for his feuds

6. He has expensive taste

Marco was one of a group of four, which also included TV personality Piers Morgan, who drank £28,000 worth of wine in one night. “I’ve still got the six bottles, all signed by Marco,” Piers wrote in GQ magazine. On one of the bottles he wrote, “£1500 a glass, love Marco”.

7. He’s famous for his feuds

His most famous feud is with Gordon Ramsay, who turned up to his wedding with a camera crew. But he has also fallen out with chef Albert Roux, who he had previously called his “surrogate father”, actor Michael Caine, and artist Damien Hirst. 

8. His favourite movie is The Godfather

Marco is half Italian and says that The Godfather and The Godfather II are the “greatest movies of all time”. He has even compared himself to the young Vito Corleone, played by Robert de Niro in The Godfather II.

9. He considers himself the best chef ever

In an interview he told Piers Morgan that he was the “best all-round chef ever”. “Nobody had my speed, my drive, my leadership, my palate, my creativity,” he said. Yep, he’s modest too.

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