Hell's Kitchen
Season Finale

Hell's Kitchen

A new batch of brave cooks have arrived, hoping to impress Gordan Ramsay! Who will rise to the challenge and who'll go down in flames?

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Hell's Kitchen
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      • Tuesday 23 Apr

      ML Season Finale: Find out who has what it takes to win the life-changing grand prize: a position at the world's first Gordon Ramsay HELL'S KITCHEN Restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and $250,000.

      • Monday 22 Apr
      • 27 days left to view

      ML After a shocking elimination, the final two chefs receive unexpected help for their final menus. They share their highs and lows over brunch and are surprised with a visit from their families.

      • Tuesday 16 Apr
      • 21 days left to view

      ML The final four chefs participate in a tableside challenge, preparing them for the showmanship that the Las Vegas Executive Chef position will require.

      • Monday 15 Apr
      • 20 days left to view

      ML All hell breaks loose as the final five chefs struggle through a new challenge, leading to a bitter elimination that dramatically alters the dynamic of the group.

      • Tuesday 9 Apr
      • 14 days left to view

      ML The six remaining chefs must go through three extensive challenges to determine which five chefs receive a black jacket.

      • Monday 8 Apr
      • 13 days left to view

      ML The competition heats up with only seven chefs left in the competition. Guest judge and renowned pastry chef and chocolatier Valerie Gordon cracks down hard on both teams' take on dessert.

      • Tuesday 2 Apr
      • 7 days left to view

      ML The dining room gets an Italian transformation for the blind taste test; the two teams cook to honour supporters of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Waterkeeper Alliance.

      • Monday 1 Apr
      • 6 days left to view

      ML The nine remaining chefs must prepare authentic Chinese dishes; chef Shirley Chung is a guest judge; the winning team earns a trip to Las Vegas; a dinner service.

      • Tuesday 26 Mar
      • 19 hours left to view

      ML The final 10 chefs are surprised when Ramsay brings in his daughter to celebrate her Sweet 16! Each chef must create a worthy dish to be served at her party.