Heartbreak Island host, Matilda Rice

Instagram: @matootles

Having won New Zealand’s first ever series of The Bachelor and having recently become engaged to her beau Art Green, Matilda's living proof you really can find love on television. 

Matilda has become a household name. She is a model and brand ambassador. She's released her first book The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living a Beautiful Life and has recently gone on to found her own business, Plate Up, alongside Art.

Stepping into her first TV hosting role on Heartbreak Island, Matilda enjoyed having a front row seat to all the unfolding drama on the show.

Why were you interested in hosting Heartbreak Island?

I’m obsessed with reality TV and I’ve always wanted to try TV presenting, so this came up and I jumped at the chance.

I couldn’t have got a better gig for my first hosting role. I had an absolute ball. The crew were so much fun to work with, the cast are amazing and I got to spend six weeks in Fiji, what is not to love?!

Describe Heartbreak Island in three words? 

Tinder on ‘roids!

You’re no stranger to reality television. What would your advice be to the Heartbreak Island cast?  

Ride the wave and have fun!

It’s a once in a lifetime experience to do something like this, so don’t overthink it or take it too seriously.

Just be yourself, make friends and have a blast.

The cast are a lively bunch. What can viewers expect to see from them? 

Indeed they are! Viewers can expect to see a lot of drama – there are arguments and betrayals but also some really strong friendships and allies and of course, lots of laughs and a heap of romance.

Were you shocked by anything that happened on the show?

So. Many. Times. Pretty much every elimination or Passion Play shocked me.

Someone always threw a curve-ball and it was amazing to see all the drama unfold.

Some of the cast could be on the show for love, and some for money. How do you think this will affect their gameplay? 

To me, it was pretty obvious who was there for love and who was there for money.

Those that thought with their head and not their heart potentially had an advantage at times, but there were so many twists and turns, everyone soon figured out that there was no “right” way to play the game.

You were away filming for six weeks. How did you spend your downtime in Fiji? 

I ate a lot of curry and Kokoda (Fijian ceviche). 

I also went to the local gym and tried to keep fit as much as possible (even though it was tough to get the energy when it was so hot!).