Heartbreak Island host, Mark Dye

Instagram: @markjamesdye

Until recently, Mark co-hosted the afternoon show with Kerre McIvor on Newstalk ZB.

Since wrapping up his radio show, the self-described gallivanter of the globe has been helping Heartbreak Island singles find love. 

Mark is an avid traveller and travel writer having gone on global expeditions all over the world – including Sri Lanka, Peru and Cuba.

Prior to spending four years backpacking the globe, Mark worked on-air for ZM and The Edge and was a presenter on TVNZ’s The Erin Simpson Show

Making the move from behind the mic to in front of the camera on Heartbreak Island is an exciting one for Mark and a chance to combine his love of travel and new experiences. 

What can viewers expect from Heartbreak Island? 

Without a doubt they are going to be entertained. But they can expect a bit of everything, there is love, there is hate, there is betrayal, tears, joy, sex, and a lot of twists and turns. 

Describe Heartbreak Island in three words? 

How about in one? Loose.  

How was it working with co-host Matilda Rice

Matilda is so much fun. We had a ball. I don’t know how many stupid jokes we now have with each other – too many.

I think most of our time in Fiji was spent laughing. Laughing and sweating. Sometimes laughing because of the sweating. Sometimes sweating because of the laughing. 

The cast are a lively bunch. What can viewers expect to see from them? 

Lively is right. Some are pretty outrageous. There are some real characters that’s for sure. Some you will love and some you will hate.

One thing they have in common – they are ALL incredibly hot. When I initially saw their photos I didn’t believe they were Kiwis. They look like the cast of a reality TV show from the US or the UK. 

Were you shocked by anything that happened on the show? 

Yes, so much. Some of the things people got up to on camera…?!?

There are going to be some interesting/awkward phone calls between parent and child because of Heartbreak Island I think.

Are you saying the show is pretty raunchy? 

We focus on the drama that happens on the island (and there’s a lot of it) not the shenanigans the cast might get up to in the “privacy” of their own huts. Heartbreak Uncut is a whole other story though!

You managed to get yourself locked in the hotel toilets while you were away filming. Have you experienced any other holiday mishaps? 

Oh man, where do I start? Shall I just list the illnesses? Dengue fever in Cambodia, heat stroke in Puerto Rico, a severely cut foot in Thailand, some mysterious illness that took me out for days in Bolivia.

I have had more holiday mishaps than people have had holidays.