Heartbreak Island's winning couple, Harry and Georgia

In the final episode, golden couple Harry and Georgia walked away with love AND money.

Harry and Georgia put their hearts on the line, and left their tropical island paradise with the incredible prize package of $100,000, an all-new Suzuki Swift and a once in a lifetime holiday to Los Angeles.

Harry and Georgia coupled-up early in the series and their relationship went from strength to strength.

Their blossoming romance was the talk of the island, but the love-birds knew how to play strategically when they needed to. This combination was the key to their success.

In the nail-biting grand finale, Harry and Georgia went up against their island besties Joshua and Ruby, in a three-part challenge that tested their commitment, trust and communication.

The couples had their commitment to each other tested, by revealing how far they’d go to win the cash. They had to choose whether they would shave their heads, get a “tramp-stamp” tattoo, eat pigs intestines or walk over hot coals, all in the hope of securing the money.

Next, the blindfolded guys put their trust in the girls, who directed them through a maze of bottles.

Then their communication was tested to the max, collecting 18 bottles from amongst the palm trees. Each bottle contained a single word, and these 18 words placed in the correct order would form a mystery poem. 

Going into the final part of the challenge 26 points ahead, Joshua and Ruby looked to have the prize in the bag. But after excelling at the poem, Harry and Georgia secured the maximum 36 points, taking out the top spot. 

Fan favourite Harry said: “Winning Heartbreak Island is incredible! To have made it to the very end of the competition and to have done it with someone as incredible as Georgia is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Heartbreak Island was life changing to say the least; the experiences, the lovely locals and everyone behind the scenes made it all worthwhile. Walking away with the ultimate prize and memories that will never fade is something that I could only dream of.”

Georgia added: “Taking a leap of faith and going onto Heartbreak Island has been my most life-changing experience to date! It was the most exciting, challenging and high-intensity situation I've ever been in and I could not be prouder of how well Harry and I worked together and managed to come out on top. I have made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime and I wouldn't change my time on the island for the world.”

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