Heartbreak Island eliminated contestant, Weiting and Liam

Top 3, how did it feel watching last night? 

Weiting: I loved that episode, it was so sweet. You got to see a lot of me and Liam, so that was nice.

Liam: It still haunts me, that challenge. I hated it, I hated watching it back, it was a hard day. 

It came down to the wire didn’t it? 

Liam: It was SO close. That last point that Harry and Georgia had, when it hit our heart, I had a feeling it was over. 

Weiting: I still had hope. I kind of fluked my way into the Top 3, so I was thinking, “I’m lucky, maybe I could accidentally win this.” 

Speaking of Harry and Georgia -  they said they were forming an alliance with you guys, but they actually did the same thing with Ruby and Joshua. Were you surprised to see that?

Weiting: Yeah, I mean you would think that they’d take out the top competition. But if you saw, I think their last point accidentally landed on us. You were just aiming for any heart really. 

Georgia and Ruby were blatantly saying “we want to take each other to the finals,” but you were really good friends with those girls as well, Weiting. It seemed like the only reason they didn’t want to take you was because of the guy you’re sitting next to. How hard was that? 

Weiting: I felt sorry for Liam all the time, but I don’t take anything personally. I guess it is a competition in the end.

It turned into quite a mind game, how did deal with that? 

Weiting: It was stressful. I couldn’t have done it without Liam, I’m not going to lie. 

How did you find it Liam? Especially coming in later on in the game as a Disruptor, they really had it in for you. Was it tough?

Liam: I didn’t actually realise until watching the show. At the time, everyone seemed to be on good terms. But then watching it back, they were throwing shade everywhere, especially Joshua. I still think the girls had it tougher than the guys though. 

Yeah there was a lot of drama that went on with some of the girls on the show. What was it like to be in that environment? 

Weiting: It was crazy. It was more drama than I’ve ever been through in my entire life, I usually stay out of it. You can kind of see during the episodes, I’m sitting back like, “okay get me out of here.” 

Are you guys still friends now, you’re all on talking terms? 

Weiting:  Yeah all the girls that were originally on there, we all talk. It’s hard to get over things that have happened, but also I’d just like to remind everyone that you don’t actually see everything that goes on. None of those girls are nasty, I can confirm. 

Now let’s talk about you two. You said it started off one-sided, but it’s quite clear that the love blossomed. What about now? 

Liam: We saw each other for a little bit after the show, but it just wasn’t meant to be. It was an amazing holiday romance.

Weiting: He’s the most lovely guy, and I hope that one day someone will give him everything that he deserves. 

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