Before arriving on the island, the cast members provided us with basic information that they would use to portray themselves on a dating app.

The information and pictures were turned into profiles used for an off-camera selection process.

Each cast member looked through all eight profiles of the opposite sex. They then had to make a first and second choice, with a third in reserve.

Guys and girls can only be matched if they selected each other.

Overall cast popularity was decided by their ranked choices, and this information will be used in the first on-screen matchup in Episode One.



Passion Play is designed to find out which cast members are ‘shopping for other people’ and to ensure couples are given a good chance of finding their ideal match.

A couple will take part in the Passion Play if one or both halves of the couple choose to 'stray' not stay.

The couples taking part will then have the opportunity to recouple, BUT only choosing from the others taking part.

Once everyone has had the opportunity to recouple, the new couples are announced



Couples are faced with challenges throughout the series.

These challenges are vital to their survival in the competition and test them as a couple.

Challenges are designed to test a range of things including their commitment, loyalty, communication, mental and physical strength as well as getting them up close and personal!

As the couples chop and change, so does the dynamic, and their ability to compete as a team, making the challenge arena forever exciting!



The not-to-be-missed Eliminations give the cast the opportunity to recouple with others they prefer.

The lowest scoring couple in the challenge face elimination unless another cast member still in the game chooses to ditch and switch – sacrificing their current partner in favour of the guy or girl in danger.

Every girl and guy eliminated walk the jetty and leave the island for good.



The couples are competing for a chance to find their perfect match and take home $100,000.

Who's in it for love, and who's in it for the money? 


Heartbreak Island premieres Monday 11 June on TVNZ 2 and OnDemand.