WARNING: This article contains spoilers, stream the latest Heartbreak Island episodes right here.

Here are some of the highlights from the first week in Fiji:

Izaak, Josh, Tavita and Julius during the first match up

That ruthless first meeting…

Just moments after arriving, the girls and guys  had to couple up, based on their first impressions of each other. 

With only photos to go by, the Heartbreakers were ranked ahead of time, and ordered from most to least popular. 

Ruby and Kristian got first pick, voted the favourites by their peers, and sparking jealousy among the squad. 

Ella and Tavita tried not to pretend they weren’t phased by being labelled least popular, but nobody likes rejection… 

It’s not called Heartbreak Island for nothing though!

Julius and Georgia during the first challenge

Diamonds in the rough…

The first Heartbreak challenge had the couples handcuffed together, retrieving diamonds from a water-filled trough using only their mouths… sounds easy, right? 

Julius and Georgia, perhaps the most down-to-earth couple so far, came out on top. 

Their level-headedness paid off, and they were rewarded with a sparkly prize of 12 real diamonds!

Tiffany and Josh make themselves at home in the Bure

Do not disturb…

In a surprise twist, it was revealed that instead of staying in a communal house all together, the couples would be sleeping in their own private Bures (straw huts).

What better way to get to know each other than in a romantic, intimate cabin in beautiful Fiji?

Just quietly though, we knew to expect some bed-hopping when the lights went out...


The guys on Cloud 9, the floating cocktail bar

Seasickness and sadness…

The youngest of the boys, Izaak got a little carried away at the floating cocktail bar. 

Downing a few too many beersies to calm his nerves, he found himself worse for wear on the boat ride back. 

With no memory of his behaviour the next morning, Izzy was feeling pretty foolish.  

The worst part though? While he was expelling his guts over the side of the boat, his partner Ruby strayed into the arms of another… 

Gennady, Weiting and Ruby during the Passion Play

Stay or stray… 

It became clear pretty quickly that opinions were changing and sparks were flying in all different directions. 

In the first "Passion Play" (a recoupling ceremony of sorts) majority of the Heartbreakers chose to “stray” from their original partners, and reconnect with somebody else. 

Josh and Tiffiany chose to stay together, as did the already loved-up Stacy and Shayna

Joshua put a target on his back, choosing to stray when his partner Gennady picked “stay.” Gennady felt betrayed and publicly humiliated. Was it a miscommunication or a sneaky play? We’ll never know. 

Self-confessed troublemaker, Harry, chose Georgia, despite having spent the night in Weiting’s bed… which she (understandably) took as a slap in the face. 

Ella, the first girl to walk to jetty

Elimination stations…

We knew it was looming, but we never thought it would be so cut throat. 

Finishing last in the previous day’s challenge, the recently-coupled Ella and Izaak were on the chopping block. 

Mark and Matilda introduced the “Playback” option, essentially a lifeline, in which other players can sacrifice their current partner to save the person in jeopardy. 

Sadly though, nobody was prepared to save Izaak or Ella, so they were the first couple to walk the jetty and exit the game.  

Heartbreak Island continues Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.