Heartbreak Island winners, Georgia and Harry

Congratulations on your win, how does it feel? 

Georgia: It’s a little bit surreal.
Harry: Yeah it’s a little bit weird. It hasn’t really hit yet.  

How long were you holding onto that secret for? 

Georgia: Since February. We came back and just kind of pretended it didn’t happen. We were in denial about it a little bit. 

Talk us through that final episode, it was a thrilling finish. You had three challenges - in the first one you did alright, in the second one you were hopeless, then you came from behind with an outstanding poem to wrap it up!

Georgia: Yeah we had definitely come to a decision that we weren’t going to win. After that second challenge we thought it was all over. There was no way we could make up the 28 points or however many it was. But somehow, it still shocks me, we made it back. 

You were also faced with the prospect of shaving your head, fire-walking and getting a tattoo on your back – to which Georgia said yes. What were you thinking? 

Georgia: I honestly don’t know. I look back and I really question what was going through my mind at that point. I think I was just like, “look, I’ve made a lot of ruthless moves on this show, what’s one more? Let’s do it.” 

So Harry, are you living in New Zealand?

Harry: Yeah, I’ve moved here, so I’m taking your hearts and your dollars. I moved in with one of the guys from the show, Josh. That house is hectic, it’s good fun. 

Back to the show, you guys figured out pretty early that it was all a bit of a mind game. Do you think that was your advantage? 

Georgia: Yeah I think it was, we knew pretty quick. I went on the show and I wasn’t planning on chasing love. I wanted to try and be smart, and manoeuvre my way through it properly. But then I met Harry, and I think that kind of heightened everything. I didn’t want to just win it for me, I wanted to win it for Harry. And somehow we managed to balance each other out pretty well. 

Harry: I was definitely the opposite. I didn’t think about anything, I was just like, “what can go wrong? I’ll just go home.” But then it got intense and crazy. 

Georgia: We were very committed, very quickly. 

Speaking of commitment, speaking of love, what’s the deal? 

Harry: Well, we’re expecting a child (laughs). Nah, nah. Georgia and I gave it a red hot go, but sometimes things don’t work out. There’s a lot of external factors that came into play.

Do you have to go on holiday together, on the trip you won? 

Harry: Nah, I’m taking the boys!
Georgia: And I’m taking the car, so it’s a happy divorce. 

You had a smooth run as a couple, but there was a bit of a hiccup along the way. How do you think that was portrayed? 

Georgia: Quite differently to how it went down. But I mean, it is what it is. I think having that hiccup really helped us appreciate each other more, we realised we didn’t want to lose each other. 

Harry: Definitely a growing moment, yeah.

Georgia: We just faced it. We were like, “okay, we’re obviously very hurt but we’ve just got to move forward." And we did a pretty good job of it.