Heartbreak Island eliminated couple, Stacy and Shayna

It was a challenge that changed the game, and saw Stacy and Shayna leave Fiji for good.

The stakes have never been higher than in the latest challenge, which was all about trying to make an opposing couple lose.

For the very first time, the players had the opportunity to target the island's strongest couple, in the hopes of removing them from the game. 

Stacy and Shayna knew there would be a massive target on their backs. After winning most of the previous challenges, they were labeled the "power couple".

The challenge saw the guys standing in gallows, holding onto a ball connected to a chain. The girls bowled coconuts to win weights, which they could either add to an opposing player's chain or use as counterweights to help their guy out. 

As the girls loaded up the chains, the boys had to hold on as long as they could without letting their chains fall to the ground. It wasn't just a battle of the brawn though, strategy was key. 

The couples knew they'd have to put friendships aside if they wanted to stay in the competition. 

At the start of the challenge, Stacy and Shayna knew they'd have to play defense. But in an unlikely turn of events, the girls decided to target Liam.

The guys were baffled that the girls weren't taking the opportunity to take out the top competition. But eventually, the tide turned and the girls had Stacy firmly in their sights. 

Back at the resort, tensions were high as the couples realised the game had changed for good. 

It was down to hosts Mark and Matilda to announce the lowest scoring couple, and knowing there was no more partner swapping allowed, they would have to leave the island immediately. 

The results of the challenge were based on total weight held and aggregate timing, so it was still anyone's game. 

Although Shayna was the second-best bowler, it wasn't enough to save her and Stacy.

Reflecting on his time on the island, Stacy said, "My time on the show was an absolute blast. I'm really stoked with mine and Shayna's efforts, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner." 

Shayna added," I had such a fun time on Heartbreak Island. Stacy and I gave the competition our all, and I'm very proud of how well we did. I've made some great friends for life, and I wouldn't change anything." 

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