Heartbreak Island eliminated contestant, Gennady Sharpe

Was it hard to watch?

Yes, it was. It was really sad to see myself and Tavita go home. But then I kind of remember how I was feeling in the moment, and I was ready to go home. 

Why is that? 

I think it was about four and half weeks, stuck on an island with the same people. You see the drama, you see everything that happens, it was definitely getting to me by that point. I wanted my own bed, my family, my friends. 

Were you happy with how you were portrayed on the show?  

I said the things that were shown, and I did the things that were shown, so yeah I was really happy with how I was portrayed. In regards to the situation with Lincoln, not so much. But what can you do about it? 

How did you deal with the online response to that? It was quite a big moment for you on the show.

With the online bullying, I was extremely shocked. I wasn’t aware that New Zealanders were capable of saying those things. But I guess I’ve got thick skin and I just had to block them. I made my Instagram private, and I just carried on. People that are going to take the time out of their day to message me and say really hurtful things, they can go for it. 

You said you and Tavita were best friends, but you could tell you were a little bit more fond of him. So what’s happened since filming wrapped? 

Tavita and I are just really good friends. We talk most days, and we do just get along like a house on fire. On the island, there’s only a few people there that you’re surrounded by, so you get confused. You’re like, “am I meant to have feelings? Am I not? To win the $100,000 do I have to be in love?” There are so many game plans going around.

I did have moments where I thought, “maybe I do like Tavita. Maybe this could be something.” Then there were moments like, “nah I don’t care what he does.” So I think I was just losing the plot. 

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