Mark and Matilda at the elimination.

But as four arrived, four were sent packing in an unprecendented double elimination. 

WARNING: This article contains Heartbreak Island spoilers. Stream the latest episodes right here.

Despite only being on the island for a matter of days, former Disruptors NastashaLincoln, Ben and Candace waved goodbye to their search for love.

Just when the players thought they knew what was in store for them, the surprise arrival of Ben and Candace, plus Caitlin and Liam, changed everything.

Ready to make their mark, the new couples were thrown in the deep end with their first challenge. 

The guys found themselves handcuffed to a coconut tree, with their feet submerged in an eel-infested water tank. It was up to the girls to find the key and unlock the handcuffs. 

Together the couples had to then navigate their way across an obstacle course of 12 narrow beams, without spilling a glass of wine balanced on a plank between them.

It was challenge that even the fittest players struggled with. 

Back at the resort, the new arrivals enjoyed a welcome party at the Tropicana Bar. They worked to build trust and relationships with the original cast. 

Lap dances, hook-ups and deep conversations made for an interesting night, where new alliances were formed. 

At the elimination, hosts Mark and Matilda announced the bombshell that four people would be going home. 

The lowest scoring couples were Ben and Candace, and Natasha and Tavita, who were on the chopping block unless another player used the Play Back option. 

In a sour twist of fate for Lincoln, after taking a chance and deciding to stay with his partner Gennady, she chose to ditch him and save Tavita. After an earlier heart-to-heart, where they both agreed they had each other's backs, it was an unexpected blow for Lincoln. Everyone saw it coming except him. 

With only one Play Back made, it was Natasha, Lincoln, Ben and Candace who had to walk to jetty and leave the game. 

Reflecting on her time on the island, Natasha said, "I came onto the island as a Disruptor, and I think I did a pretty good job at it. There are some things I wouldn't normally do in the outside world, but at the end of the day Heartbreak Island is a game." 

On his shocking exit, Lincoln said," It was fun being on the island, and I'm gutted to be leaving, but all the drama wasn't really me." 

Ben said, "Coming into the group was hard. My time on the island didn't go as I was hoping, and I'd have loved to have spent more time there." 

Candace added, "Being on the island was a once in a lifetime thing. It was really fun, I just wish I got the chance to stir the pot a little bit more." 

To see what the two couples thought following their elimination, watch the latest episode of Secret Dates.

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