Heartbreak Island eliminated couple, Weiting and Liam

The battle for second place was a tight one, that ultimately sent Weiting and Liam home.

The third part of the challenge saw the couples work together, to knock out their opposing team’s tiles, sling-shot style.

The number of hearts they won previously correlated to the number of shots each couple got. Each tile was worth a different amount of points, which were hidden from view, meaning this was a challenge of luck as well as skill.

Heading into the challenge, Ruby and Joshua thought their alliance with Harry and Georgia would stay true and they would both target Weiting and Liam. Instead, it was clear that Harry and Georgia had their eye on the prize, and wanted to take out their toughest competition.

Even with the advantage of Harry and Georgia taking aim elsewhere, Weiting and Liam were unable to knock out any of the other couple’s tiles, leaving them vulnerable heading into elimination.

At the Elimination Ceremony, Mark and Matilda delivered the heart-breaking news that Weiting and Liam would be leaving the island. Their chance at winning the ultimate prize slipped away.

Looking back at her time on the island, Weiting wouldn’t change a thing: “Heartbreak Island, what a journey. I made the most beautiful friends, ate incredible food, explored beautiful Fiji and pushed myself to the extremes! It has been an eye-opening roller coaster ride that taught me about myself and what I’m capable of more than anything.

“Liam was my best friend in there and I will forever treasure the special memories we shared on the island.”

Liam echoed a similar sentiment, saying: “Heartbreak Island will hold a special spot in my life for the rest of my existence. The cast and crew were phenomenal, the emotions were intense and the show lived up to its name. I made a whole new family on that island and no one will ever understand our bond, which makes the experience that much more special. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

After five weeks, 22 players and 28 different couple combinations - tears, tantrums and a bit of romance -  the grand finale of Heartbreak Island is almost here! Will Harry and Georgia walk away with money AND love, or will it be the friendship between Ruby and Joshua that takes the incredible prize package?

The Heartbreak Island finale airs Wednesday 11 July 7.30pm on TVNZ 2. Stream the latest episodes right here.