Heartbreak Island eliminated contestant, Caitlin.

Caitlyn's in the Breakfast studio to chat about her experiences on the island, and life after the show.

You had a rough few days on Heartbreak Island, was it hard reliving that when you watched the episode? 

Yeah it was, it was definitely a long time coming. Obviously we filmed it about four months ago, so I kind of had to live with knowing that was coming.

It was definitely hard, and I didn’t like it, but it happened. 

The drama basically centred around you coming into the show later on, so some of the original girls kind of had a problem with you. Why do you think that was? 

Yeah, it was really difficult coming in late and obviously I had no idea. I just turned up when they picked me up and I was like, “What? We have to do challenges? Like, what is this show?”

I think my time probably would’ve been different if I’d come in sooner, but that wasn’t how the dice rolled for me. 

Did you think it was going to be that hard to fit in with the “originals” as they called themselves? 

No. I kind of thought the first few days might be tough, and all my friends, all the people that I came in with, went home on the first day.

I definitely thought they would warm to me, I tried really hard to make friends with them. But because it was such a competitive environment, it was just dog-eat-dog, and I was the little dog, I was the Chihuahua. 

They were mean. What was it like to be in that environment? 

Yeah, it wasn’t nice. I would rather have been anywhere else in the world, even though I was in the most beautiful place.

It was bullying, there’s no other way to justify what happened. I just hope that those girls saw it, and can change and never do that again, and realise that it’s not okay. Everyone makes mistakes, but we move on. 

You did make a connection with Josh, which was a positive. Did anything happen after the show?

Not so far. Me and Josh are great friends and we talk every day, but there isn’t anything on a relationship level. We’re leaving the door open though.

It’s also hard because we had to keep everything a secret for so long, especially with me coming in late, the time passed and we couldn’t be seen publically. So yeah, the future is promising, but not at the moment. 

Josh is the most amazing person, he’s the purest soul. From the minute I set foot in there he was like, “Look, I’m with Ruby and I really respect her so I’m not going to come onto you, but I really like you as a person.” Then we just got talking, and things didn’t work out with him and Ruby so I was like… “Hey there, pretty man.”

We’ve got to talk about your dancing, that was a great moment. Can you talk us through how you came to be dancing in a pretty quiet dinner situation?  

I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t a ‘quiet dinner situation’ and some pretty sick dance moves were pulled.  I kind of thought that everyone would join in, but there was a lot of judgement. I would do it again, no regrets. 

That kind of speaks to your situation in the game at that moment though, right? You were just desperately trying to fit in.

Totally. I thought everyone enjoyed a good boogie, but apparently not.  And a few cocktails were had, we were a big fan of the ‘Fluffy Ducks’ which I think is rum and orange juice or something, but have a few of those and you’re good to go. 

We’ve got the finale coming up this week, who do you think might take it out?

It’s so hard to tell. But Harry is one of my best friends so I really hope he takes it out, fingers crossed.