Heartbreak Island eliminated couple, Josh and Caitlyn

It became clear in the latest episode that some players had their eye on the prize.

After getting the lowest score in the challenge, ‘disruptor’ Caitlin Smith and Josh Connolly were sent packing from the island.

In the challenge, ‘The Wall of Misfortune’, it was all about knowing what the other couples were thinking. Each guy was holding onto a wall, with only small pegs to cling to. Their partners were at the top of the wall answering questions, with each answer being one their fellow players' names. After every five questions, a peg was removed, until the last guy standing fell off the wall into the pool below.

There were no right or wrong answers, it was all about what the majority thought. When it came down to answering, it was clear the other three girls were targeting Caitlin personally, with her name being the common answer to "biggest diva", "most likely to start a rumour" and many more.

At the elimination ceremony, Mark and Matilda delivered the news that Caitlin and Josh were the lowest scoring team and were eliminated.

Harry bid an emotional farewell to his best friend Josh, saying he was absolutely devastated to see his number one leave the island. 

When reflecting on his time in the game Josh said: “My time on the show taught me a lot about myself, also that money and pressure can turn even the best of friends against each other. Overall I had an amazing experience that I got to finish with Caitlin. I left with great friends and a tan.”

Although sad to be leaving, Caitlin said “You can’t win them all, so win some, have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. If in doubt, have a dance.”

Next week is the final week of Heartbreak Island, Monday-Wednesday at 7.30pm TVNZ 2.